JYP Entertainment Requests Protective Custody Against The Potential TWICE Nayeon Stalker

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JYP Entertainment is taking all the necessary measures to ensure that TWICE members are safe!

It was previously reported that a potential stalker obsessed with Nayeon was planning on making a trip to Seoul to look for her and meet her. ONCE were extremely concerned and reported the issue to JYP who in turn responded quickly ensuring fans they’re aware of the situation and will do the best they can to ensure their artists are safe.

On December 19, JYP issued an update regarding their efforts on their blog. They explained that they made a protective custody request to the local police; they also implemented the protective custody in the area surrounding JYP headquarters and the neighborhood of Cheongdam. JYP also assured fans that she has guards around her during all activities.

JYP also added that they’re looking through all possible legal measures that can be taken because of such a situation, they plan on taking the strongest possible legal action once the review is complete.

But that wasn’t the only update JYP gave, they also updated fans on their efforts to take strict legal action against malicious rumors spreading about TWICE members. JYP is preparing to file civil complaints in relation to those rumors. They plan to continue doing their best to protect TWICE and all their artists so they can carry out their activities in a stable environment.

They also asked fans to continue to report to them so they can help protect their artists.

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