ONCE Finally Able To Relax A Bit After JYP Releases This Statement Regarding TWICE Nayeon Potential Stalker


JYP Entertainment has finally issued a response to the potential threat ONCE had been afraid of for a while now.

We previously reported about a man who kept tracing TWICE Nayeon steps and whereabouts, he had been trying to get a hold of her. Fans discovered that he wants to date her and thinks they’ll end up together; he recently shared his plans of returning to South Korea to start dating Nayeon, he even talked about what type of plans they’d have as they grow old together.

Distressed by his plans, ONCE began mass-reporting this issue to JYP in hopes of a response and at last, JYP responded.

They released an official statement to their website on December 9. They explained that they’re aware of the issue that is being spread on social media,

“We are requesting possible legal measures and will be placing more guards on the artist in question.”

They also asked for fans’ assistance, they asked for them to actively report about the issue, they assured fans they will always strive to make sure TWICE members are always protected.

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What do you think of JYP’s statement?


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