Jay Park Shares What He Thinks Of BTS Jungkook’s Character

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Jay Park has recently been asked about how it felt to meet BTS Jungkook and this is what he had to say.

Recently, Jay Park held an Instagram live broadcast and chatted with fans. Among the questions that were brought up was one about Jungkook. The artist was asked about how it felt to Jungkook.

Jay Park said,

“Jungkook is very humble and cool. We’re 10 years apart in age, but there’s a good vibe when we’re together. I like Jungkook’s vocal tone.”

Back in April, Jay Park posted photos he took with BTS’ Jungkook in the studio. In the caption, Jay Park expressed his love for Jungkook and BTS, he said, ““after I met Jk I can definitely can see why they (BTS) get so much love. Humble ambitious and talented.”

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In related news, BTS recently announced their plans to take a hiatus from group activities.

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