Jay Park Responds To Backlash After Sharing Photos With BTS Jungkook

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Jay Park is, again, under fire by Kpop fans, this time for sharing photos with BTS Jungkook.

On April 19, Jay Park posted photos he took with BTSJungkook in the studio. In the caption, Jay Park expressed his love for Jungkook and BTS, he said,

“after I met Jk I can definitely can see why they (BTS) get so much love. Humble ambitious and talented”

After the photos went viral, fans had mixed reactions to it, with many of the idol’s fans’ bringing up Jay Park’s past and recent controversies. Many have been discussing whether Jungkook was forced to do it, some expressed their displeasure seeing the photos considering Jay Park’s many controversies.

Jay Park had previously called kpop ‘manufactured’ and ‘inauthentic,’ thus, some BTS fans are calling him hypocritical for sharing these photos with BTS Jungkook.

Thus, the hashtag #jkhostagesituation began trending on Twitter, with fans using it to imply that Jungkook was held ‘hostage’ and forced to take photos with Jay Park.

Jay Park directly addressed the situation by writing a tweet using the hashtag, he wrote,

“hope everyone keeps safe and healthy. peace and love to all humans #jkhostagesituation.”

What do you think of Jay Park’s response?

By Kevin Miller

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  1. These so called fans need to ‘ get out of their imaginations’ and in to the real world. Unbelievable that they think they have the right to post so much hate???? What is it with this type of cyber bullying??

  2. Ben hiçbir şey anlamadım.Yani Jay Park başta btse kötü bir şey mi dedi. Herkes onun ölmesini istiyor ve prim için yaptığını söylüyor.Biri bana anlatabilir mi lütfen. Sadece şunu biliyorum,Jay Park en iyi grubun bigbang olduğunu söyledi.Ama armyler btse gönderme yaptığını söylüyor.Bunu nereden biliyorlar.Az önceden beri araştırıyorum hiçbir şey bulamadım.Lütfen açıklayın..

  3. I just cannot with the toxic fandoms, they literally just fire up on other artists to so called “protect” their own. And honestly using the words hostage is taking this thing far ahead. These so called “fans” should understand that they both are artist and produce music, they are bound to know each other and respect each other. If they don see any problem in this, why do fandoms pop in and try to act like savious for the kpop idols are mature enough to choose their own connections.
    The more I look at these situations, the more ridiculous it becomes. Y’all seriously need to grow up and come out of your imaginations.

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