Individuals Who Caused So Much Pain To BTS Jungkook By Leaking Private CCTV Photos Forwarded To Prosecution

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The individuals who leaked CCTV photos that appear to be of BTS Jungkook and his friends have been forwarded to the prosecution.

On December 2, the Geoje Police Station revealed that two individuals, including an employee “A” of a karaoke business, were forwarded to the prosecution in November with a recommendation for indictment on charges of violating the Personal Information Protection Act.

The CCTV photos caused so much damage to Jungkook. They were previously leaked to the public back in September, people began assuming that was Jungkook and the woman he posed with to be his girlfriend. Big Hit firmly denied those dating rumors that arose from the CCTV photos leak and promised strict legal action against the ones who spread the photos illegally. However, Jungkook was still criticized for getting into a ‘dating’ rumor with a tattoo artist, he was criticized by k-netizens for his actions which baffled international ARMY.

Big Hit Entertainment followed through and sued an individual for leaking an image of CCTV footage taken at a karaoke business in Geoje Island. The police had launched an investigation after Big Hit Entertainment filed the criminal complaint.

ARMY are glad that Big Hit Entertainment followed through, they wish for the responsible individuals to be punished according to the law since they have caused damage to Jungkook’s image.

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  1. I seriously cannot stand that people are baffling him just bc there’s a rumor about him dating. Even if he was it’s none of ARMY’s business

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