Hyeri Explains What Attracted Her To Her Role In MBC’s New Drama “May I Help You?” And More At The Press Conference

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Actress Hyeri has shared her thoughts on what aspect of her character in the new drama “May I Help You?” drew her, how she prepared for her role, and more at the press conference of the drama.

On October 19, the press conference of MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “May I Help You?” was held at Sangam MBC in Seoul where the cast and director talked about the drama.

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Regarding the drama, Hyeri said,

The drama was made through the hearts of many people. I hope you look forward to it a lot. I’m sure you’ll watch it if the story has power.”

May I Help You?” tells the story of a butler named Kim (played by Lee Joon Young)., he runs errands at the cost of 100 won (approximately 10 cents) per job, and a funeral director named Baek Dong Joo (played by Hyeri), who grants the wishes of the dead. Both operate an errand-running business called Ildangbaek [which translates to one person doing work for 100 won].

Hyeri takes on the role of Baek Dong Joo, the funeral director who helps the wishes of the dead come true. She can communicate with them, unless the dead’s wishes are fulfilled, she’ll spend a whole day with no luck.

After the watching highlight video, Hyeri said,

I suddenly feel nervous thinking that it’s really the first broadcast today. It’s very rare to hear about a job of a funeral director. I focused a lot on listening to the deceased since Dong Joo is a funeral director.”

When asked about how she prepared for the drama and her role in the drama, the actress shared,

There were some questions that were asked the most, such as ‘What wish do you want to make if you suddenly die without any sign one day?’ And there were the top two answers, the first one was ‘I want to give a message to my loved one’ and the other answer was ‘I should have spent a lot of money if I were to die like this.’
At the same time, there were answers such as ‘I want to tell my loved ones where my things are.’ So, I wondered like, ‘In fact, all these people are worried about the rest of us.’
I approached my role as Dong Joo in this way. Dong Joo is a very ordinary person. However, even though she is an ordinary person who can be easily seen around us, she takes the job of a funeral director who carries out missions, creating a heroic side to her. Those who are already dead, can’t do anything. They can’t make even a small wish, so I have a heroic side as a person who makes wishes come true, and this aspect of hers attracted me. She struggles a lot to make wishes come true while carrying out the missions, so I thought Dong Joo was an attractive character that is also like us.
I focused on putting some boundaries on emotions while playing the role of Baek Dong Joo. “

Hyeri portrayed several stories in the drama and explained,

Many seniors showed such realistic acting. On the contrary, Dong Joo shows an observer’s perspective in the stories rather than the main character of the story in the drama. I thought that Dong Joo’s observation itself would be similar to the viewer’s point of view, so I tried hard not to be too subjective and to find an appropriate line without stepping out of the line of the story.”

Hyeri revealed, hinting about romance in the drama,

“I don’t think we can choose one genre for our drama. Romance will be a lot more and more fun factor as the story proceeds. The beginning of the drama has messages that I originally strongly wanted to show, and I hope you watch the romance chemistry well from the middle and the second half of the drama.”

“May I Help You?” is a work that announces the revival of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama after more than a year. Director Shim So Yeon said, explaining how he dealt with the heavy subject of “death” in the drama,

Good stories are remembered for a long time, so I’m determined to let go of the pressure and work hard. I tried not to treat death as heavy and sad in a way like it’s someone’s end and eternal separation. It’s the point I’ve talked about the most since I first met the actors. I tried to deal with sad stories in a different way, sometimes plain and pleasant.”

The drama premiered on October 19.

Will you be tuning in for this drama?

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