How Netizens Are Reacting To Heechul And Momo Dating News, Is Heechul Getting Criticized Cause Of The Age Gap?

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A couple of hours ago, Label SJ and JYP confirmed that TWICE Momo and Super Junior Heechul were dating, according to both agencies the couple started dating only recently.

The original report published about the couple was released by a news outlet called Market News that had originally also reported on the same topic back in August of 2019, at the time both agencies firmly denied the news.

Many fans were shocked when they found out about the confirmation, but were happy nonetheless; however, there were also people who were skeptical about their relationship due to their large age gap, Heechul and Momo are 13 years apart.

But what about k-netizens? How are they reacting to the news?

It is known that dating news can heavily influence idols’ careers and sometimes even ruin them, the bigger the group or the idol, the more damage it usually causes, however, not this time, this time the general public is reacting rather positively to the news.

Currently articles about the dating confirmation of Heechul and Momo relationship are the top news on Korean sites. Here are translations of some of the top voted comments on some of the top trending articles as of this writing:

“First they didn’t admit it, but then they did before Dispatch could do anything.”

“Ever since they held hands, I knew it, love each other dearly~~~”

“As long as ONCE like Momo, that’s enough for me. Momoling cheering party~~”

“At this rate, all TWICE members are datingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“Heechul oppa, congratulations. I hope both of you are happy.”

“I like both of you and I hope you continue to meet each other well, Heechul hyung, I am still glad you didn’t end up in a scandal with a man, Momo be happy.”

“Wish you happiness.”

“From now on, I hope we only hear good news, congratulations.”

And many more.

Generally netizens are happy that Heechul was caught in dating news with a woman (there were many rumors about Heechul being gay previously, although he denied them in the past).

There some k-netizens who have worries about their age gap since Heehcul is at the age where many Korean men usually get married but reactions are overall positive.

What did you think of the dating news?

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  1. I am glad that they are dating. They know what they are doing. I don’t mind the age gap. They generally seemed like great friends when I saw them making me believe that they are even greater as a couple. Congrats Heechul and Momo

  2. To be honest my opinion is that I was shocked at first but then I was also happy for Momo and Heechul because they would make a good couple ❤️

  3. Let’s all just be happy for the 2 of them.. Please all ELFs and Petals let’s give Kim Heechul our support and blessings so he will be truly happy and free to love Momo..

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