[BREAKING] TWICE Momo And Super Junior Heechul Confirmed To Be Dating

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It’s been confirmed!

On January 1st, Market News reported that TWICE Momo and Super Junior Heechul were dating, and this wasn’t the first time they’ve been involved in dating rumors.

The news outlet that ‘exclusively’ reported their dating rumors on January 1st is the same one who reported the same news back in August of 2019. Back then, both JYP and Label SJ firmly denied the news.

According to Market News, Momo and Heechul are dating well despite their hectic schedules. They’re also said to be supportive of each other’s careers in the entertainment industry.

Market News claims that their relationship progressed from sunbae-hoobae friendship to a romantic relationship and claim they have been dating for two years.

In response to those reports, a source from JYP and Label SJ said they’re currently looking into the rumors and are checking with their idols.

After a couple of hours, both JYP and Label SJ confirmed that Momo and Heechul are indeed dating.

JYP told news outlets that the couple relationship recently progressed from a close sunbae-hoobae friendship to a romantic relationship and that they’re meeting with good feelings, they only started dating recently. Label SJ also confirmed the news with a similar statement, they have started dating recently not like what the news outlet report had claimed.

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They share an age gap of 13 years. Heechul is 36, Momo is 23. Heechul debuted as a part of Super Junior in 2005, and Momo debuted as part of TWICE in 2015.

Momo is the second member of TWICE to publicly confirm her relationship, Jihyo confirmed to be dating Kang Daniel back in  mid-2019.

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They’re currently the top trends on twitter, as fans express their shock and excitement at the dating news. Many wish the couple the best and for fans not to overreact or curse at any of either side and to support the new couple.


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