(G)I-DLE’s Soojin Personally Denies All The Bullying Allegations Made Against Her +Denies Ever Speaking To Actress Seo Shin Ae

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(G)I-DLE’s Soojin has personally released a statement to address her bullying allegations.

The idol was embroiled in controversy over accusations of bullying and school violence. Her agency has completely denied the accusations and promised legal action against the people who spread false posts.

The issue was further exacerbated when actress Seo Shin Ae, who also attended the same middle school as Soojin, wrote a vague posts right after the accusatory posts began spreading like wild fire. She wrote to her instagram, “None of your excuse.” Fans assumed she was referring to Cube’s statement after they denied everything.

Seo Shin Ae has previously opened up about being bullied but she didn’t name names at the time. An older post from early February claimed that Soojin was the one who bullied Seo Shin Ae.

On February 22, Soojin wrote on (G)I-DLE’s official fan community. She began by addressing smoking at first,

“I was a noticeable kid during my school days, and it’s true that bad rumors always followed me. I’ve smoked a few times out of curiosity and dressed in clothes that didn’t fit my role.

I wandered around as a child and haven’t smoked since then. Even if I fixed it and got better, I think this result came out today because there was definitely my shameful behavior.”

However, Soojin says she feels ‘wrongly accused’ by the online posts, and after seeing her fans having a hard time, she wanted to clarify everything and put an end to it. She started off by acknowledging she had known the person who’s older sister originally started the rumors,

“I think I was really friends with the friend who posted today. I remember eating at her house and watching a movie with her sister. The sister who posted the message was someone I always felt grateful for, when  I was having a hard time after receiving threatening text messages from a senior at school, she stood up to me and even tried to report it to the police.

I found out from the article why that friend wanted to stay away from me. The reason I remember was a fight we had together because she broke her promise. It wasn’t just once or twice, and I remember being angry about it. I didn’t know she was trying to stay away from me at the time. And although its embarrassing for me to say, but I remember cursing at her. And at that moment, her older sister answered the phone and she scolded me. I apologized to her and hung up.”

She then directly denies the bulk of the accusations against her.
“But I want to be clear about what’s been posted.
First, I have never assaulted that friend.
Second, I’ve never been on a motorcycle.
Third, I have never sent a group text leading to bullying.
Fourth, I have never stolen a school uniform or stolen anything.
Fifth, I have never had a conversation with actress Seo Shin Ae when I was a student. I am apologetic to her as it appears she’s been negatively affected by this incident.

I really don’t remember anything about the incident with juice. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe I did such a thing myself.
I’m sorry for causing a stir in my personal life, and I’m sorry for everyone who’s been hurt by my shameful actions.”

Following her post, fans took her side and trended the hashtag #ApologizeToSoojin as a result. Demanding the people who jumped the gun and accused Soojin of bullying to apologize as well as the various outlets that spread the rumors and caused harm to Soojin.

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