(G)I-DLE’s Soojin Accused Of Being A Bully, Cube Entertainment Denies Allegations And Threatens Lawsuit + New Alleged Victim Emerges


(G)I-DLE’s Soojin is the latest idol to be involved in bullying rumors!

On February 20, one netizen who claimed to be the older sibling of a victim of (G)I-DLE’s Soojin alleged bullying posted to an online community. Their post has gone viral, it goes into details about what Soojin has allegedly done to her younger sister, in her post, she claims,

“Soojin called my dongsang [younger sister] and her friend to the bathroom and made them slap each other in the face, and then sent a text that said ‘from now on, ooo [referring to her sister] is an outcast.”

The netizen shares the reason behind their post, they no longer can turn a blind eye to the painful past her sister suffered from, she claims Soojin slapped her sister, took her money and bullied her.

On February 21, Cube Entertainment released an official statement regarding the issue, they stated,

“First, after checking with Soojin herself about the post about (G)I-DLE’s Soojin that is being spread online, it was found that the creator of the comment is the older sister of Soojin’s classmate from middle school.

It is true that the poster heard Soojin and her classmate arguing over the phone and had an argument with Soojin after taking over the call. However, we have confirmed that the poster’s claims about school violence and such were not true at all.”

In their statement, they ask the fans to not cause hurt to the members who are trying their best, and vow to take strict legal action against everyone who has posted ‘false claims with malicious intent.’ They promised no leniency in their pursuit of tracking down the people who do this and stated that as of December 15, they had established a dedicated committee to protect their artists rights and interests and the committee monitors the spreading of false rumors, insults, sexual comments and more.

Following their initial statement, many fans took Soojin’s side and asked netizens not to spread malicious rumors since the original poster wasn’t even the alleged victim but her elder sister.

However, following Cube’s statement, another alleged victim also came out with a post claiming to have been bullied by Soojin as well, this netizen showed proof they attended the same school as Soojin and despite not being in the same class claim they were bullied by her as she collected money from the students.

Cube Entertainment has yet to address the new claims. Things are escalating online regarding this issue as more fans are demanding the agency issue a response regarding the new allegations.

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