EXO Chen Breaks His Silence With An Apology After His Sudden Marriage And Baby News Announcement

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EXO Chen has finally broken his silence and updated fans for the first time following his statement about his marriage news last month.

EXO Chen was attacked heavily by Korean EXO-Ls for his sudden marriage announcement, many thought he betrayed the team and demanded his departure from EXO. They even held a physical protest and have been active on social media demanding SM release an official response about his departure from EXO.

Despite their demands, SM and EXO Chen didn’t respond back, until now.

On February 19, EXO Chen released a second statement apologizing for the sudden news he revealed on January 13, here is his statement:

“Hello, this is Chen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to express my feelings and I am finally writing a message to EXO-L. I was worried that I’ll hurt you with my bad words, but I would like to say that I am sorry for all the fans who have been waiting for me.

I would like to apologize to EXO-Ls who must’ve been surprised and embarrassed by my sudden news.

When I first wrote my letter [the original letter], I thought a lot about how I should say it to EXO-Ls, who have walked with me since the start. But I thought I should be the one who tells you all first, so I wrote the letter. I was very hurt to see fans were disappointed and hurt by my words, which were lacking and hastily unlike my intentions.

I don’t know if my feelings could be conveyed well, but I am grateful for all the love you’ve given me until now, and I know better than anyone else that I am where I am right now because of that love.

I want to apologize once again for expressing my apologies to you so late. Also, I will continue to work hard to show you the good side of myself.”

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What do you think of his apology? do you think it was necessary?


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  1. Once again I’m gonna say this, maybe the korean fans should change places with us international fans cause we treat all those boys better. Do you really have to make sb apologize for doing what any person in love with their partner does at this age? Marry and have a family? Or maybe you thought you’d be the one to marry them right? Well, news flash! That scenario is one in a million, so get off your high horses and let them boys and girls live their lives!! If they weren’t in a group, I ain’t think you would bother who they’re dating, am I right or am I right?
    My best wishes to Chennie and his family, congratulations!!!!

  2. Why did you let him apologize it’s his life after all you guys you should know that they are human too just like you. And they have their life uhhh I just can’t understand Korean fans do you even love your idols?????? Make the better life for them you should support them in their life too good enough he shared his thoughts with you.
    Chen fight and always be our EXO- CHEN

  3. geeeez, when i just AGAIN read such informations and that ppl like Chen had to “appologize” …
    wtf you ppl think he is? a doll with a battery in its butt + when you push a button play he sings and dance?

    wake up ppl.
    he DESERVES no appologize but a REAL LIFE HAPPINESS and family and thats even what he do , im proud of you Chen. live your life with your loved one and child <3

    shame on everyone – no matter where on this earth – who thinks that bands like exo or any other need this bs …
    did u EVER thought of these who sadly did suicide and WHY THEy DID so?

    think twice.
    and be a better person if you like the music or the person who does the music – treat them like your loved ones not like your biggest enemy

    he shouldnt ever be sorry by loving , or marry, or live his own life.
    and you all should keep your mouth shush and just understand that you have not any right nor you own this person.

    of course he was hurt – even I AM by reading all about the past weeks month etc, i can only say :
    CHEN, im really happy for you <3
    im happy to have you on YT+im listening to you + support as well – u wont ever lose me as one of your listener 🙂
    you are so damn talented – and this wont just be lost if u pause for a moment and care for your lil family.. 🙂
    also i believe im not the only one who think this way + who will be by your side even after a pause 🙂
    also im very happy you left the band-life (exo) and all that what is alot stress + what didnt let you live your life how you wish it.
    coz only that counts. only THIS. nothing else …

    ppl who dont understand you – wont even ever understand – so dont worry…
    dissapointment and hurt is not what you should feel
    only happiness for music and your private life <3
    love always..

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