EXO Chen Attacked With Malicious Comments For Proceeding With Activities Following Marriage And Baby News


EXO Chen first activity following his marriage has been announced and, again, is met with mixed response.

On January 17, Dynamic Duo’s agency Amoeba Culture announced that the popular hip hop will be releasing a new single featuring a surprise artist, and finally, on January 20 they revealed that the artist will be EXO Chen.

The song titled “Alone” will be released on January 23 at 6 PM KST. It will be Dynamic Duo and Chen second collaboration since their first one in 2017 which was met with immense positive reviews and reception; the song topped various charts upon its release and even won Best Collaboration at the 2017 MAMA and Best Rap/Hip Hop at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

Dynamic Duo has released a video teaser featuring an elderly man and a young woman; fans can’t wait to hear the new track soon.

After the news was released, fans began trending #CHENKingOfCollab on twitter, however, the news was met with mixed responses on various Korean news articles that covered it.

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On one news article published to Naver reactions were overwhelmingly negative, here are some of fans comments:

“Wow, so you’re ignoring fans’ reactions? Jongdae, how long are you planning to stay in EXO, please come out as a soloist and do as you please.”

“Mind your own family.”

“The one who announced his premarital pregnancy without a word of apology, Kim Jongdae. Do whatever type of music you want after you quit, please.”

“Don’t stay with EXO and do whatever you want.”

“Wow.. seriously? what is SM doing? Evil folks here and there.”

On the other hand, there are other articles on Naver that were met with more positive reactions; here are some of fans’ comments on one of them:

“Chen said he’ll be doing music all his life, we’ll always support you.”

“Chen, I am looking forward to this collaboration.”

“To everyone and Chen, fighting!”

“I really like this combination; I’ll be looking forward to this collaboration.”

International EXO-Ls are still doing their best to prove that they’ll always support Chen while reactions on the Korean side remain mixed, while collaboration news of any artist are usually met with positive reactions, this one was met with mixed reactions and some even attacked Chen for singing after announcing his marriage news, which doesn’t make sense to many international fans.

What do you think of this?

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1 thought on “EXO Chen Attacked With Malicious Comments For Proceeding With Activities Following Marriage And Baby News”

  1. After the ‘protest’ if that’s what you wanna call it, all I see are people who talk on the internet but don’t take action. At this point I think that some of the hate are from the fans while some are from antis who are pretending to be EXO-L’s. And that protest showed SM that there are a majority of fans that actually support EXO as OT9. Once the collab drops we just need to make sure the song charts to show people that we still love Chen and them haters are nothing but a minority in our fandom that let their fantasies control them.


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