ENHYPEN’s Jay Re-Issues Apology For His Comments On Korean History Following Backlash For His Choice Of Words In 1st Apology

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ENHYPEN’s Jay has apologized for his remarks on Korean history, again.

Recently, Jay hosted a live broadcast with member Sunghoon on January 10, and when Sunghoon said, “Korean history is fun these days.” In response, he commented, “I like world history. I learned a little bit about Korean history when studying at school. I don’t have that much information about it. After just a few weeks of studying and looking through it, it ended too soon. It felt like a short story.”

On January 11, Jay posted on ENHYPEN’s official fan platform, where he personally addressed the allegations of making disparaging remarks on Korean history, by apologizing for his remarks regarding Korean history and explaining that he spoke too carelessly about the important topic of Korean history only with his personal impression and accepted his mistake while pledging to be more careful in the future. However, his choice in words was met with backlash by netizens as they believed he sounded dismissive and had an indifferent tone, some netizens argued he actually doesn’t understand why he’s apologizing exactly considering he wrote, “Whatever the reason may be, I sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to ENGENE.”

On January 18, Jay ended up taking to Weverse, again, to issue a longer apology for the situation, he wrote,

Hello, this is ENHYPEN’s Jay. On January 10th, during a live stream on Weverse, I made an incorrect statement about Korean history and I deeply apologize for it. I am writing this to express my apologies again
I apologize for expressing my thoughts on the history of Korea with inadequate vocabulary and not having enough knowledge about the deep history of our country. At the time of the live stream, I expressed my thoughts based on limited resources that I had and I didn’t realize that it could convey the wrong meaning. Even though my members tried to correct it at the time, I was too arrogant to realize it.
And also, the choice of words in my previous apology letter was also lacking. I should have spoken carefully and thoughtfully and for this, I apologize. The fact that I, who lacked the vocabulary to properly express my apology, made a wrong expression about the deep history of our country was truly an arrogant action.
After reading the comments from the fans and many other people since my last post on Weverse, I felt heavy hearted about the mistakes I realized I had made. I reflected on how my mistakes could become such a big problem. However, I realized that just reflecting on my mistakes is not enough to solve the problem. I thought that in order to correct the things that started from my statements, I need to properly acknowledge my mistakes and apologize again. I hesitated and thought about whether I might express inadequately again, so I finally post this late today.
I am continuously thinking and trying to find a solution on how to avoid making the same mistakes again. The methods I’ve thought of so far still seem inadequate. I want to deeply reflect and consistently show my efforts through actions rather than words. I will make an effort to listen to more people’s stories and have a cautious attitude in the future.
I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart for the damage my insufficient expressions may have caused to the team and to the engine members who love us. I will not only express with words, but also strive to become a better person and be worthy to stand in front of all of you, the engine members.”

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