ENHYPEN’s Jay Personally Apologizes For His Comments On Korean History

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ENHYPEN’s Jay has apologized for his remarks on Korean history, saying that he was too careless.

On January 11, Jay posted on ENHYPEN’s official fan platform, where he personally addressed the allegations of making disparaging remarks on Korean history, by apologizing for his remarks regarding Korean history and explaining that he spoke too carelessly about the important topic of Korean history only with his personal impression and accepted his mistake while pledging to be more careful in the future.

Earlier, Jay hosted a live broadcast with member Sunghoon on January 10, and when Sunghoon said, “Korean history is fun these days.” In response, he commented, “I like world history. I learned a little bit about Korean history when studying at school. I don’t have that much information about it. After just a few weeks of studying and looking through it, it ended too soon. It felt like a short story.”

The following is the full message left by Jay!

“Hello, I’m Jay of ENHYPEN. I was really surprised to see the fans’ reactions after the Weverse Live today.

Whatever the reason may be, I sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to ENGENE. I spoke too carelessly about the important topic of Korean history only with my personal impression.

It was not something to talk about with insufficient knowledge. This was an opportunity to realize once again today that I still have a lot to learn.
I didn’t mean to take our proud history lightly, but I think I said words that can make you feel it that way, and it’s my fault.

I’m sorry. I will always be careful and study harder to become an artist that ENGENE won’t be ashamed of. I always learn a lot from you.
Thank you.”

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  1. Jay didn’t say anything wrong. It’s a shame that some people really enjoy twisting people’s words and paint the comments as malicious. Jay is one of the most sincere kpop idols there is because he speaks his mind and he’s not afraid to be corrected or educated. Park Jongseong is a kind-hearted soul so do not put words into his mouth.

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