CIX’s Agency Issues Further Rebuttal Of Bullying Rumors Among The Group Against Bae Jin Young, Warns Strict Legal Action

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C9 Entertainment, the agency of CIX, has issued a second statement addressing the allegations that Bae Jin Young is mistreated by his group members.

Previously, the agency refuted the said rumors via a short statement to fans. However, the issue seems to have developed especially after Kim Jae Hwan, Bae Jin Young’s former Wanna One colleague, posted a screenshot of a video compiling the incidents on his Instagram Story fueling the rumors even more.

In response, the agency explained that Kim Jae Hwan shared the post out of concern for Bae Jin Young but that didn’t stop the rumors.

To the group’s fan cafe, the agency took to issue a longer statement explaining the situation and promising legal action if the said accusations continue.

They stated that the video claiming Bae Jin Young was ostracized by his members during a performance was edited and not true. They also explained that there was no evidence of any exclusion towards Bae Jin Young, and attached a video that showed the entire process before and after the performance. The agency also added that they have requested the tour promoter to take legal action against the person who initially edited and spread the malicious video.

Regarding the claim that some fans threw objects only at Bae Jin Young specifically during the performance, the agency stated that this was also not true and that objects were thrown at all members, including dolls, bracelets, and shirts. They explained that the information being distorted is that the objects thrown were water bottles, but they were actually dolls, bracelets, and shirts.

The content that claims that Bae Jinyoung was boycotted by all countries on the tour including Berlin was also denied by the statement, “We have confirmed the truth for all participants in the tour and this is not true at all, and there is no evidence for spreading false facts without evidence.” The statement also warned that legal action will be taken if the related contents are not deleted. The statement also said that YouTube channels that posted related contents based on false information have been notified to delete the posts, and if the posts are not deleted after a week, they will take all possible legal measures to hold them accountable.

C9 has stated that the recent issue with some manipulated video and images is a clear criminal act due to malicious manipulation. They also mentioned that the members of CIX work hard together to achieve a common goal based on trust and friendship, and that the company will continue to make their best effort to help the members achieve their goals and ensure their safety and health.

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