CIX’s Agency Denies Rumors Of Bae Jin Young Being Bullied By His Group Members + Kim Jae Hwan Explains Why He Shared Alleged Video Of Incidents To His SNS

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C9 Entertainment, the agency of CIX, has debunked rumors of bullying within the group. Here is what happened and why it started!

On February 3, the agency released a statement saying that the rumors of Bae Jin Young being mistreated by his group members are false.

Recently, there have been claims on various online platforms suggesting that Bae Jin Young is being bullied and excluded by his fellow members, citing incidents like items being thrown at him on stage or fans shouting other members’ names while he speaks.

Additionally, another member of CIX was quoted as saying he would use Bae Jin Young as a human shield during a zombie apocalypse. However, the agency has since said there is no bullying within the group and that the rumors are false.

The controversy was amplified when Kim Jae Hwan, Bae Jin Young’s former Wanna One colleague, posted a screenshot of a video compiling the incidents on his Instagram Story fueling the rumors even more.

In response, the agency explained that Kim Jae Hwan shared the post out of concern for Bae Jin Young.

CIX recently completed their European tour as part of their “Save me, Kill me” world tour and are set to embark on a U.S. tour in March.

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