BTS RM Speaks Up About The Chart Manipulation Issue That’s Plaguing The Korean Music Scene

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BTS RM had this to say about people who use chart manipulation to get good rankings on charts.

BTS RM is the second member of his group to publicly address the ongoing controversy regarding chart manipulation (sajaegi), the issue was first brought to light by Block B member Park Kyung and its currently one of the top trending topics in South Korea, a lot of other artists following Park Kyung began speaking about the issue and it turns out that it’s a very serious old issue in the Korean music scene.

BTS was awarded many trophies at the 34th Golden Disc Awards, and on January 5, they became the only Korean act to receive two Daesangs at the Golden Disc Awards in a single year.

During the acceptance speech RM hinted at the chart manipulation issue, he said,

“There is one thing I’d like to say as well. We were blessed with luck and thanks to many people we were able to say what we want to say and make music we want to make.

However, there are many artists who give their best to their music but are unable to do this. We hope that these artists hard work and sincerity will be able to reach the public in a fair manner that isn’t in vain.

I hope that the wrongdoings would end in the 2010s and there will be better things to come in the 2020s.”

His inspirational speech is making headlines in South Korea and it’s currently one of the top trending news. Check out his speech here.

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What do you think of RM’s speech?

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