BTS Jungkook Rumored To Be Dating After Photo Leaked, Big Hit Firmly Denies

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ARMY have been wondering if BTS Jungkook was dating!

In the early hours of September 17, a photo of a man and a woman hugging was leaked through CCTV. Fans identified the man to be Jungkook. He looked friendly around the female and rumors started circulating that he was dating her. Fans dug up info on her and found out she was a tattoo artist.

Army grew increasingly worried as more people started believing the photo to be of Jungkook girlfriend.

Due to the huge attention this photo brought. Bug hit had to issue a response. In their official statement, they deny the dating rumors and state that its unfortunate that Jungkook daily personal life was leaked to the public.

They explain that the woman in question is an acquaintance that jungkook met while in Geoji. They hung out together with other people as well, Big Hit says the facts were distorted.

Due to the clear privacy invasion and what seems to be a leak, big hit announced their plans to take strict legal action against the person who spread the photo and anyone who spreads false information as well.

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  1. lol. So what if he has a Girlfriend?
    Let my bro live his life.
    He’s human too.
    But if you really love him then
    keep on supporting him no matter what.
    Keep on supporting Bangtan no matter what happens.
    They will find their love and we will find ours too.
    Let them do what they want.
    They deserve everything.

  2. God, you people are so f**king annoying. These artists should be able to enjoy their life and be with whoever they want. I hate how Korea is so acceptable to believe that if you pay money for someone’s entertainment, that they owe you every spec of their soul. Other countries as well. Grow the f**k up. These entertainers give you enough. You cant control their life. Sad desperate people with no lives. Mental

  3. this is one of the perks of being idolize by alot of women you can’t damned date people

    i mean he should be able to date anyone he like’s his a human

  4. I don’t care if he dates or not, I don’t care if he has tattoos or not, I don’t care about any of that because it’s not my business. He’s a kind person with a lot of talent, I can’t imagine that anything else matters.

  5. Yes I agree totally ! They need to live their lives as any human being do, it’s part of life .! They work very hard and are 120% dedicated in their careers. So let them be..!!

  6. So what if Jungkook is dating !! Let his life while doing his job to entertain his fans , anyway he is Man and single too. I think majority of KOREA fans does not like it but hey guys Jungkook is normal human being and he deserves to act like one ! Peace from.Philippines

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