Did BTS Jungkook Just Get His First Tattoos? ARMY Panic After Seeing Those Photos


ARMY are panicking after witnessing what could be real tattoos on BTS Jungkook hand!

Earlier today, Big Hit issued an official statement in which they confirmed BTS vacation was over. BTS members were seen at the airport holding vlog-style cameras heading somewhere.

Big Hit didn’t specify the location where the boys were headed but they were headed for an official schedule.

Fans celebrated this by trending a hashtag to welcome the boys back. Videos of their departure from the airport were everywhere on twitter. ARMY noticed that BTS Jungkook right hand looked different. They noticed that his hand had tattoos on them.

There were a couple of tattoos; most notably fans could read the word ‘ARMY’ spelled on his right hand. There was also a crown, the letter J and a heart.

Fans went into theory mode; some believe the tattoos are real while others aren’t convinced. Some think they’re just painted while others think they’re temporary tattoos.

Regardless, fans are extremely happy to see that he had the word “ARMY” on his hands. A video showing his hand with the presumed tattoos has gotten over 2 million views on twitter- so far.

Here is the video:



and here is how ARMY are reacting:

Do you think its real or not?

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22 thoughts on “Did BTS Jungkook Just Get His First Tattoos? ARMY Panic After Seeing Those Photos”

        • No YOU stfu , why you want to baby him so much ?! i dont care if they are fake or not but he is showing his love to armys with it what makes you feel like you have the right to say the way that people are showing their love is stupid ?! you can’t just say whatever the heck you want and then pass by like nothing happened. idc if you are a army or not , if you are not then just go mind your own business and live your life, if you are then grow the f up , you suppose to be his FAN you should support him not controlling him or give a opinion on whatever the hell his doing , what his doing with his life or himself it’s not your business if you can’t handle this get out of this fandom . cool ? cool .

  1. Lol, obviously not real. Jk’s pretty artistic and those tattoos, it maybe sweet with army and crown but it looks ugly to be permanent, most probably just henna like the one they had in their previous bon voyage.

  2. I don’t like tatoos perse. It could dirts ur body. I like gentleman look but bad boy in fashion. No dirts in skin…J Kook is pretty sure cute. And has great confidence in hisself thats enough..just respect in and outside ur body. Everybody says its an art but for me it isn’t. It’s symbolize cowardness covering the inner u like prisoners.

  3. Only kids would think that’s real and pretty. Surely he had that made to please army but there’s no way someone as artistic as Jk would settle his first tattoo looking like that. For a permanent tattoo that looks crappy, he’s not stupid to do that.

    • I’m literally crying while reading the comments this isn’t the Army I know I mean we used to support them and know he just got a tattoo and you’re making this a huge deal and let me tell you to all those haters out there if you really don’t like this tattoo that’s okay but it doesn’t mean that you have right to say anything bad about him and no matter what I will always support them.

      From:Indian Fangirl

  4. I mean they look okay for temporary tattoos but I don’t really like them

    PLEASE don’t hate this comment it’s just my opinion sorry if you don’t like it

    FROM: a girl who loves BTS

  5. we all have our own opinions as long as there is no hate then we can all just be army okay would JK want this no so just don’t make thing that he ether did to himself or just did for fun and not real in the end his choice his consequence that is all I have to say as an army since 2016.


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