ARMY are panicking after witnessing what could be real tattoos on BTS Jungkook hand!

Earlier today, Big Hit issued an official statement in which they confirmed BTS vacation was over. BTS members were seen at the airport holding vlog-style cameras heading somewhere.

Big Hit didn’t specify the location where the boys were headed but they were headed for an official schedule.

Fans celebrated this by trending a hashtag to welcome the boys back. Videos of their departure from the airport were everywhere on twitter. ARMY noticed that BTS Jungkook right hand looked different. They noticed that his hand had tattoos on them.

There were a couple of tattoos; most notably fans could read the word ‘ARMY’ spelled on his right hand. There was also a crown, the letter J and a heart.

Fans went into theory mode; some believe the tattoos are real while others aren’t convinced. Some think they’re just painted while others think they’re temporary tattoos.

Regardless, fans are extremely happy to see that he had the word “ARMY” on his hands. A video showing his hand with the presumed tattoos has gotten over 2 million views on twitter- so far.

Here is the video:

and here is how ARMY are reacting:

Do you think its real or not?