LOONA’s Chuu Reportedly Leaving Blockberry Creative And Signing With Another Agency, Blockberry Denies And Threatens Legal Action

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LOONA’s Chuu is reportedly leaving her agency Blockberry Creative, but the agency has since denied the reports. Let us go through the timeline of events and how the agency has responded.

Chuu previously filed for legal termination in regards to her contract

Previously, media outlets reported that Chuu filed for legal termination of her contract with her agency, and the court ended up partially approving her request. The issue was extremely serious and caused major concern among the fans, but no matter how many news outlets reached out, Blockberry Creative refused to answer any questions on the matter.

Blockberry allegedly trademarks Chuu’s name

Things got even more concerning when fans found out that Blockberry Creative has made moves to trademark Chuu’s name in various sectors earlier this year which means that without their approval, Chuu will be unable to carry out her activities under this stage name.

Chuu not participating in LOONA’s world tour

Recently, Blockberry Creative revealed that Chuu will not be able to partake in her group’s upcoming tour due to scheduling conflicts. When the statement was announced, fans were shocked and upset at the way the agency handled the situation, with this new report, the announcement is finally making sense to fans.

The Initial report of Chuu leaving Blockberry released

On June 22, an exclusive media report said that LOONA’s Chuu was preparing to part ways with her agency Blockberry Creative and was in talks to sign with a new agency named BY4M Studio.

According to the new report, Chuu is discussing ways she can carry out activities with the new agency which has a focus on strong SNS and digital marketing.

Fan site master alleges Chuu is being mistreated by the company

After that report was released, a fan of Chuu alleged that the agency has not been providing Chuu with a personal manager forcing her to carry out activities on her own without any help. The fan alleges that she’s taking taxis to communicate to work and is carrying her own suitcase. Some fans had previously suspected something was wrong when they saw Chuu alone in a recent taping of Weekly Idol.

Chuu seemingly addresses the report of her alleged departure from Blockberry

Following that viral report, Chuu personally took to a platform to assure fans she’ll do whatever she can for them and her group. She said, “I will do my best for the people I like. I will do my best for ORBITs [the fandom name] and members. Don’t worry, I will protect everything I want for as long as I can.”

Blockberry’s puzzling response + lack of clarification

In response to the report, Blockberry Creative released a puzzling statement. In their statement, they said the matters are groundless and despite not providing a response to those reports, the agency will take legal action.

Their statement in English reads as follows:

On the 20th, LOONA released Summer Special Mini Album ‘Flip That‘ and began to promote. All the members of LOONA trust each other and cooperate for their dreams. Therefore, the company will support the members’ dreams and do our best to heIp the members to focus on the promotion of this album.

We want to say that BBC takes legal action in case of any issue that disrupts this.

Some articles have confused fans and the public with the expression of officials of the related person, even though the contents related to Chuu, a member of LOONA, are groundless. There is no position of the company or individual member. We again announce that we will actively respond to unknown facts or unilateral articles and comments that damage the reputation of the company and its members.

In the Summer Special Mini Album ‘Flip That,’ which began this week, the company and all LOONA members will promise to try our best to show the best face to fans and the public not to worry.

Thank you.

‘We would like to inform you that we will respond strongly to malicious expanded interpretation or any actions that encourage it, malicious posts and comments beyond simple expression of opinion, with impunity.’

Chuu debuted as part of LOONA in December of 2017. She’s currently carrying out activities with her group for their most recent comeback.

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