LOONA’s Chuu Will Not Be Participating In The Group’s 1st World Tour

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LOONA’s Chuu will not be able to partake in her group’s upcoming tour due to scheduling conflicts.

On June 3, BlockBerry Creative released an official statement to the group’s fancafe to announce the news.

Their statement reads as follows:

“Hello. This is BlockBerry Creative.

Due to scheduled activities that have been fixed in advance throughout the rest of the year, LOONA’s Chuu will not be participating in the 2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD].

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support.”

LOONA is gearing up for their comeback after coming in second place in “Queendom 2,” and are preparing to go on tour later this year.

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