Artist Calls Out YG Entertainment For Allegedly Plagiarizing His Artwork For iKON’s Bobby “Lucky Man” Album Art

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Artist Sam Philips has come forward to clarify something regarding his artwork and it concerns the album art cover for iKON’s Bobby “Lucky Man.”

On August 25, the artist, who goes by the name Spillzay on his social media accounts spoke about receiving tons of comments about the similarities between his artwork and album art cover for iKON’s Bobby “Lucky Man.”

He wrote that he’s contacted YG but hasn’t received a response,

“The illustration on Bobby’s (@bobbyranika) album Lucky Man was not done by me, and yes I do think it infringes my illustration. I’ve contacted the record label YG Entertainment (@ygent_official) but I’ve had no response yet. Please keep up the noise, call them out.”

Fans are siding with the artist and have stated they have begun to contact YG’s design team asking for a response. Many are disappointed to see this happen to an artist.

In related news, Bobby has recently announced his plans to get married to fans.

What do you think of the plagiarism claim?

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