[BREAKING] iKON’s Bobby Reveals He’s Getting Married And Having A Child This September

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iKON’s Bobby has huge news to share with fans.

On August 20, Bobby took to his Instagram to share two huge shocking announcements with fans, he has not only revealed that he’s getting married soon but is also welcoming his first child this September.

The announcement came as a huge shock to fans who hadn’t even been aware he’s been dating. His handwritten letter reads as follows:

“Hello, this is iKON’s Bobby. There is something I really wanted to tell you today, so I am writing this after much deliberation.

I promised to marry the person I love. And in September I will also become a father.

I am happy to welcome a new family member, but I am even more sorry to the fans who will feel embarrassed by my sudden news.

I should have informed you sooner, but I’m sorry for the delay because I was worried more than anything for this reason.

I feel heavy responsibility as I think I have caused a great emotional burden to the people who have always help and support me who is lacking in so many ways.

I apologize with all of my heart to those who are hurt or greatly confused by my story.

I will become a person who doesn’t cause shame to my parents along with the iKON members and fans who have made my lacking self into someone who is needed in this world.

More than anything I will work even harder to not cause harm to the members and to the fans who are waiting for iKON’s activities.”

Soon after he posted the letter, it became viral and his name topped Twitter search rankings.

YG has not yet issued a comment on the matter. iKON’s Bobby wife-to-be identity has not been revealed, not much is known about whether she’s a celebrity or not. Boddy has also not mentioned the wedding date. Bobby is 26 years old.

Congratulations to Bobby.

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