A Big Korean EXO-L Union Demands SM Kick Out Chen From EXO, Promising To Protest And Take Strong Action If SM Doesn’t Reply

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A big fan union ‘EXO-L ACE’ has taken to Daum Café to publish a lengthy statement about their wishes to kick out EXO Chen from the group and its making headlines everywhere.

On January 16, a fan union which is considered one of the big Korean EXO unions took to Daum Café to release an official statement, they demanded that Chen be kicked out of the group and explained why they believe he’s harming EXO’s image and causing issues among the fandom.

They also asked SM to manage the portal sites and protect EXO, and gave SM until January 18 to issue a response or else they’d be planning offline protests; SM has little time to give feedback to them.

You can read the translated post below:



Chen shocked fans with his marriage and baby announcement on January 13, since then the majority of international EXO-Ls welcomed the news but reactions from Korean EXO-Ls were entirely different. At first, it was mixed but now many from the fandom want him out of the group due to a variety of reasons.

As of this writing, SM has not issued a response. Stay tuned for updates!

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After hearing that, international EXO-Ls protested these movements and trended many hashtags about keeping Chen in the group. #KEXOL_DONT_REPRESENT_ME trended on the top worldwide trends on twitter, fans expressed their thoughts on Korean EXO-Ls who want Chen out, they talked about all the reasons why Chen should stay a part of EXO.


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  1. This is so asinine, that I dread looking at my updates. My faith in humanity will be shattered if Chen is forced to leave EXO because of k-exols. How anyone would not want the pleasure of listening to his beautiful vocals, and his presence in EXO, is beyond me.

  2. This is not a great look for all other of EXO-L around the world. Korean fans should know they do not own ANY idols ever. There are A LOT of FANS AROUND THE WORLD still support EXO despite whatever their decision is. This is what we call true fans. If Korean EXOL said they spend a lot of money for EXO- just think about International EXO-L. The shipping cost, the album in different currency but they still support them and love them more than the local fans. I hope EXO and SM will not see this as a threat because they still have LOYAL FANS AROUND THE WORLD.

  3. K EXO’LS what is happening to you can’t u be jst happy for him jst respect his private life he will not be there for you to cheer all time

  4. Why chen should have to move out from exo group ,, it is his private life and he have the right to rule his life
    Who are use to involve in his private life,,,,,,,…. we just fall in love with there voice , style and there magical words that’s it .we don’t know anything about there attitude and about his life
    So, we can’t say that chen should should have to leave group

  5. Dont know why these Korean fans are such dumb asses… Chen is a main vocalist in Exo.. Why he should be kicked out because of his personal matter … Ifyou are a real fan you should love their songs you should be happy about him… grow up …get a life you idiots !!!!

  6. I think by the time they realize they had kick everyone from the group since all the members will some be starting their love life and family at a point in time . Am curious to know their reactions when they realize they won’t a group to Stan anymore ‍♀️

  7. I hope SM won’t give in to thos union!!! Stand for your artist!!! Sell their talent.and skills!!! Your artist deserves to have theor happiness as well. Its time for a complete change of mindset to this kind of fans. Don’t allow your artist to be bullied by them

  8. Brah, what’s their problem? They need to see that he already found someone to stay with and wants to have a family, but I guess is to strong for them that they want to kick him out of the group yall don’t decide what to do with him if he wants to stay he will do it cause is his life.

  9. It is absolutely DISGUSTING that these ‘fans’ (if you can even call them that) treat KPop idols as OBJECTS for their own sexual fantasies.

    These boys are LIVING, BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS… Not some object that you should control. You can protest as much as you want to. It won’t change anything other than how absolutely HORRIBLE of a human being you are for protesting against a man having a LIFE.

    Wow… He’s having a baby… You are protesting against a man HAVING A BABY. Pathetic.
    Wow… he is getting married to a girl he really loves and is being a happy boyo… YOU ARE PROTESTING AGAINST A HUMAN BEING BEING HAPPY. Pathetic.

    Do you really think he wants you?? Nobody wants your insane stalker ass when you do shit like this.


    He has no obligation to answer your cries for attention.
    Attention seeking stalker fans.

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