2AM’s First Concert In 9 Years Delayed After Jo Kwon, Jinwoon And Seolong Are Diagnosed With COVID-19

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2AM’s highly-anticipated upcoming concert is canceled after member Jo Kwon was diagnosed with COVID-19!

On February 11, Cube Entertainment stated that Jo Kwon took the PCR test on February 10 and it came out positive. As a result, he halted all of his activities and is currently quarantined.

Later on February 12, more members of his group tested positive for the virus. Im Seulong’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment shared that the idol has also tested positive for the virus. Im Seulong has received his Moderna booster shot, and he is currently showing no particular symptoms

Later, Jeong Jinwoon agency Mystic Story also released a similar statement. Jeong Jinwoon has tested positive for COVID-19 on February 12. He previously received his booster shot, and he is currently not showing any particular symptoms.

Subsequently, 2AM’s first concert in nine years, which was scheduled for February 12 and 13, was postponed. 

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Get well soon.

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