2019 Melon Music Awards Winners- FULL LIST

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The 2019 Melon Music Awards winners list is here!

On November 30, the 2019 Melon Music Awards were held at the Gocheok Sky Dome and was broadcasted live on Melon and 1theK’s YouTube channel.

Various top Kpop acts attended the award show and many actors were also present to give out awards. BTS took home all four daesang (grand prizes) awards at the 2019 Melon Music Awards.

Here is the full list of 2019 Melon Music Awards winners:

New Artist of the Year – Male: TXT

New Artist of the Year – female: ITZY

Netizen Popularity Award: BTS

Best Pop: Billie Eilish – Bad Guy

Best Dance – Male: Boy With Luv by BTS

Best Dance – Female: Gotta Go by Chungha

Best OST: Gummy – Remember Me (Hotel Del Luna)

Best Music Video: Kang Daniel

Stage of the Year: SEVENTEEN

Best Songwriter: Pdogg

Best Rap/Hip-Hop: Epik High

Best Indie: Melomance

Best Ballad: Girls Generation Taeyeon

Best Rock: N.Flying

1thek Best Performance: The Boyz

Hot Trend: AB6IX

Kakao Hot Star: BTS

Best R&B/Soul: Heize

Top 10: BTS, MAMAMOO, Heize, JANNABI, Taeyeon, EXO, BolBBalgan4, Jang Beom June, Chungha, MC the MAX

Daesang Awards [GRAND AWARDS]

Song of The Year: BTS for Boy With Luv

Album Of The Year: BTS for Map of the Soul: Persona

Artist of the Year: BTS

Record of the Year [Daesang]: BTS with Map of the Soul: Persona

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Congratulations to all the winners!

Did your fav take home an award today?

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  1. We vote for them because they worked hard and they deserve it, all the other artist deserve their awards to. BTS has come a long way and so have the other artist. BTS won because of all the effort and work they put into their songs. If your tired of watching BTS win then don’t watch any of the music award show anymore. You don’t have to be rude BTS won 8 awards and that’s it you can’t change it. The people that host these awards invite them because they know they deserve it. So please dtop wishing that they don’t win anymore they worked as hard as the other artist. And they equally get to attend the awards just like any other artist. Please be kinder towards them

  2. Why would we stop voting for them? They deserved to win. Not saying that the other groups aren’t talented, because they are all very talented, but these 7 young men have worked hard to be were they are right now, they were criticize, put down in so many ways, with hate comments, threats, and all that negativity from a lot of people that said that they will never make it in this industry they proved them wrong, that with dedication, hard work everything is possible. So please stop with those hate comments. Live your life to the fullest and don’t hate on others success learn to love yourself. We #ARMY WILL NEVER STOP VOTING FOR OUR KINGS. I purple you even though I don’t know you, because they taught us to love ourselves and to love others no matter where they’re from, skin color, gender identity just learn to love yourself.

  3. I like bts wining. Cuz they have the capability to win. See their stages and lyrics or listen to their songs move and born singer you will understand why we all vote for them cuz whatever they say in those 2 songs is a true story.

  4. It’s not about giving chances, it’s about working hard. The reason they win is because they work hard for US and we work hard for them to get what they deserve. If you want other groups to win, their fans need to work harder. Don’t be Petty. And you can’t just ask is to stop voting, it doesn’t work that way. You need to reason with what you say

  5. Congrats to bts they deserve it.Bts is the biggest boy band right now which means they have lots of fans, so they are most likely to win.Im proud of them, army’s can’t stop voting for bts bc army’s are worldwide.Congrats to btsHope they win many more

  6. Don’t be rude.Bts is the biggest boy band right now which means they have lots of fans.Bts fans can’t just stop voting for there favs bc they want other ppl to win.Whats the point of an award show if you can’t vote for your favs?The point of the award is to give it to the person who got the most votes if fans stop voting then the award won’t go to the person who actually got to win.Also to be a good group you don’t need to win the biggest awards, if your favs didn’t win that’s fine.In sure they did great but don’t be salty towards bts just bc they got awards.

  7. There’s nothing like we’re not giving others a chance to win, we’re just voting our faves and BTS is our Fave Idol
    It’s each one’s own choice whom to vote
    Everyone wants their faves to win, right?
    If you really don’t want BTS to win any, then try telling the award shows to not nominate cause ARMYs will not stop voting☺️

  8. To the person who says that other artists should get awards as well.. BTS has worked hard for what they are rn and if they get the credit for that, why does it bother you? And I’m not saying that other artists haven’t done anything but the thing is that armys not only praise BTS, they also praise others for their hard work.. and if someone is really worth getting an award, then I don’t think that it will be so wrong give all the awards to BTS

  9. Did you seriously just ask ARMYS which are FANS of bts to stop voting for their favorite group? Bruh the idiocy from that comment is actually harming me, if you want your faves to win an award then vote for them instead of begging other fans to stop voting for their favorite:), the daesang awards aren’t just based on votes, they’re also bases on sales, charts, digital sales, and many other factors. Bts excelled in all of the above which is how they won them all, thank you and good day sir

  10. if You want other artist to win so badly then buy their album, stream their songs, vote for them. Army is the fandom of BTS so obviously we will only vote for BTS. At the end of the day its always the number that speaks.

  11. BTS deserve all of this.. And we ARMY will never stop voting for them… I don’t care about haters. Haters gonna hate and BTS gonna play and ARMYs gonna support them

    1. Excuse me!!! It’s not about the awards. Can’t you see how much talented they are…. They deserve much more than this. And If you have any problem we ARMYs don’t even care….. It’s not like they won all the awards other artists got their awards too.

  12. Lol abt wut u say, sometimes true, sometimes not.. the truth is that yeah, poor the other group who didn’t get the chance to win at least one award which BTS was nominated this year, they worked hard but didn’t get. The untrue is that BTS got the biggest fandom in the world and yeah maybe BTS deserves it? I’m not army but yeah this is what I thought. No hate just love 🙂

  13. Yeah… BTS deserve those awards they worked hard for those and those awards really belong to them… Congratulations ARMY and BTS… Thank you to the people who are working alongside with them…

  14. Bit*h better watch your mouth you dare say anything about BTS they deserve these awards if you want your favourite group to win then say to there fandom to be active and fast like ARMY hmph it’s not our fault that we Army’s have never ending love for BTS

  15. Well they won it like how they deserve it…I’m not trying to say like ” oh they are best” or like” bts is better than (inserts kpop group)” no..I’m saying they got nominated and got the awards. They didnt attend the AAA if I’m not wrong and in there many others groups got awards like they deserve. I’m not trying to be rude but I would appreciate if we all support the groups we like and if other groups got it..good for them! This is a first step on how to stop fanwars. Let’s all support the groups we like and hope for tye best,okie?

  16. BTS is The Best,I knew that the BTS Awards would be definitely win… I love you BTS and spacially Taehyung,he is my bias I love him so much God bless you all

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