2019 Asia Artist Awards Full Winners List


The end-year award season is officially on, and one of the first major award ceremonies is the 2019 Asia Artist Awards.

The 2019 Asia Artist Awards were held on November 26 at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi. Various idol groups, soloists and actors attended the ceremony; here is the full winners’ list:

Potential Singer award: Kang Daniel

Rookies Of The Year-Singer: TXT, ITZY, and AB6IX

Rookie Of The Year- Actor: Ong Seong Wu

GROOVE AWARD:(G)-IDLE and Stray Kids

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AAA X Dongnam media & FPT polytechnic popularity: Super Junior, EXO Sehun, and Song Ji Hyo

Asia Celebrity-singer: Red Velvet and Nu’est win

Asia celebrity-actor: Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook

Best Social Artist: TWICE, SEVENTEEN, and Girls Generation YoonA.

Focus Singer Award: LOONA and DONGKIZ.

Star15 popularity award: Kang Daniel, Stray Kids and LOONA.

AAA choice: MOMOLAND, Lee Jung Eun and Ahn Hyo Seop.

Best Icon: Chungha, SEVENTEEN, Super Junior Siwon and Jung Hae In.

AAA best K-culture award: GOT7 and Lee Kwang Soo

AAA Best Musician: NU’EST

AAA Best Actor: Ji Chang Wook

AAA top of Kpop record: Super Junior

AAA Best Artist (singer): Zico

AAA Best Artist (actor-movie): YoonA

AAA Best Artist (actor-drama): Park Min Young

AAA Best Producer: Zico

Grand Awards (Daesang):

Album Of The Year: SEVENTEEN for An Ode

Singer Of The Year: TWICE

Performance Of The Year: GOT7 for You Calling My Name

Song Of The Year: Red Velvet (umpah umpah)

Actor Of The Year: Jang Dong Gun

Congratulations to all the winners. Did your fav take home an award?


  1. Umpah Umpah won song of the year??? What about fancy!
    And BTS deserved atleast 1 deasang since conversing their digital and physical album sales.
    AAA is following MAMAs footsteps to become a attendance award show

  2. I was be like…yoo Where’s Mamamoo?? Performance of the year CALLING MY NAME?? that song just a month?? Yooo why Not Loona?? I dun want to be rude..this nominated and Award so worst…and Blackpink?? BTS?? And also Everglow must have to..the best new gg..why absix? Yoo and the viewer and the sale …oh my goddddd….

    • Can you patient a bit!!This is their time to shine…after this you want your f*** bts get award..okay,take it but someday the don’t deserve to get any award even is worldwide fan choice..

    • Ab6ix just sold out their tickets on their debut showcase in just a minute. Myghad are you just fan of those groups you were trying to defend. That’s the problem saying they are kpop fans when they just knew their idols but doesn’t recognize others. They were given those awards because they deserve them

  3. to be honest, i find it really hard not to lash out on other groups. Even though i stan different groups i feel BTS deserves the award more…… gahhhhh i need help because i feel really weird when BTS doesn’t get the award and some other group does. But i wonder if other groups like SEVENTEEN are nice cause i hear them doing really well and i want to support othr groups other than BTS. so i would apprecite it if you give me group suggestions!


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