Was Pairing Lee Min Ho And Kim Go Eun A Bad Idea? Fans Divided

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Not too long ago, it was confirmed that Kim Go Eun will be joining Lee Min Ho in the upcoming drama “The King: Monarch of Eternity,” both actors are set to take on double roles; here are more details on the drama.

However, the announcement was met with contrasting opinions; some fans found the pairing interesting while others didn’t like it. It came as a surprise because most people didn’t anticipate the pairing.

So was the idea of pairing Lee Min Ho And Kim Go Eun good or bad?

Today I shall discuss what I think of this and why some fans aren’t exactly happy.

[Note: this is an opinion based article. if you can’t handle opinions, don’t read]

Lee Min Ho is a good actor, he is not outstanding. He is just good. I haven’t seen him try to get out of his comfort zone for a while now. He plays your typical heroine male lead characters who all share the same traits so to speak, all handsome, in power, desired by others and charismatic.

The last time I personally thought he tried to challenge himself was with “City Hunter” which I still believe was his best drama performance to date. I actually saw potential then.

On the other hand, you have Kim Go Eun who is a terrific actress. She became famous for her great acting abilities and drew attention for that particular trait, unlike Lee Min Ho who gained lots of fans initially because he’s hella handsome.


I personally don’t like the pairing, I don’t hate it but I don’t like it. It came as a surprise because I honestly thought they were going to choose an actress that had a similar vibe to Park Shin Hye or Kim Ji Won.

I find the pairing unbalanced because of their different acting capabilities when compared. Lee Min Ho is probably trying to challenge himself, he’s taking on a double role which is not easy to pull off, we’re yet to judge how good that turns out to be.

Lee Min Ho can establish good chemistry with people he shares the screen with most of the time. On the other hand, Kim Go Eun is not like that, she sometimes exhibits good chemistry with her co-stars and other times, it just feels awkward and forced despite her acting abilities.


Some fans found the pairing awful because many don’t believe they suit each other, some wanted a different actress for that role. Others feel the two don’t match because their acting capabilities differ. There are also fans who like the pairing.

The pairing is unexpected. I personally had hoped that writer Kim Eun Sook would’ve picked other actors to work with instead of repeating. I would’ve loved to see other actors play roles in her dramas, other actors who need that BIG break. Both Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho had previously worked with her.

The pairing is interesting and the drama is already highly anticipated by many fans. The pairing might be off-putting to some but it piques my interest. I wanna see how this turns out to be. Its gonna be one interesting drama.

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What do you guys personally think of the pairing?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. Just give them a chance to prove themselves that they can do it and who knows it surpassed our expectation. Life is full of surprises, let’s wait and see. I believe in their talent.

  2. I think Kim Go Eun isnt that bad but im not really a fan of hers. Sorry. but I would like to see Lee Min Ho work alongside w/ the lovely Sandara Park! I think they have good chemistry and they both worked together in Kiss MV before and it was a big hit. Just my opinion.

  3. Yah…just give her a chance to be paired with like LMH…who knows it will give her a break. I know she isn’t as beautiful compared to other actresses. As far as I know beauty isn’t a question if you are a good actor or actress. If the character of the story doesn’t need a beautiful to portray that role…so be it.. I know it will be a challenge to KGE. So she will do her best to prove them wrong about her acting ability…

    1. why bring such shallow surface-level standards to this comment section. honestly i feel like it isnt talent that gets you in the industry it’s plastic looks and NO ONE should be supporting that. diversfy and let social constructs such as idealist beauty portrayals break so everyone has a chance. ‘physically’ is such bull.!!!!

  4. Lee Min Ho is an okay actor. Just okay. I can’t help but agree with the writer of this article that he’s all too often taking roles that he finds much too comfortable for himself. If this is his break-out role that proves he can do more, be more as an actor, then so be it; I’m more than willing to give him a chance and revise my opinion of him and his skills.

    Kim Go Eun is phenomenally talented and gifted, a multi-faceted actress. There isn’t anything she can’t do.

        1. i believe in lee min ho
          he worked with great actresses in the past (son ye jin , jun ji hyun, kim hee sun and he had a great chemistry), i kniw he learned a lot from them, he always learned from his seniors and the most importang thing is that he have the will to do better ,i have respect from him, i know he is aware of his lack in some part but i can see that he is trying his best to do better, probably he wanted to be more mature to take risk roles(advices from his seniors who knows?) bit i can see from his interviews that he really wants to challange himself
          some people must say that he will be a rich boy again but thays different from being a king(theres a lot of pressure in that) i hope he shows everyone what he is capable of

    1. I agree, she’s a damn good actress!! Her emotions carry her well, I want to see what they bring to the table together. I can’t wait for this drama to air, love them both.

  5. I think it’s going to be amazing
    They are both great actors
    This is gonna be great
    I just know
    Don’t ask
    Just know
    God bless you both
    Peace be with you

  6. Kim go eun is truly beautiful than those actress Park shin hye, Kim jiwon, etc and on top of that she can pull off any character, while I’m worrying for Lee Min ho, his acting is not that good, but well let give them a chance, i’m sure they won’t let us down

  7. i know, but dont sleep on lee min ho, everyone can get better if they practice, study, and have the will and desire to be better(i can see that in him , he is studying pronunciation, learning sports, i mean the man is doing his best) i know kim go eun too of course she is great. But i know people look down on lmh because they dont believe he can do better and look him with critic eyes all the time , i believe in this guy i know he will do his best

  8. Lee Min Ho always played with Ajhumma like in the dramas ” Legend of the blue sea”, ” Faith”, ” Personal Taste”. And i hate that.

    Except in ” The heirs” and ” City hunter” . But dont like Park Shyn Hye because she looks like a racoon and Park Min Young head is like an egg.

    For the very first time he play with a girl who is not older than him but who is not that bad. I think it will be a great drama.

  9. Sometimes, the least things that we expect, turn out to be the most important things that happened. The good thing about is that, the 2 actors are not just satisfied to be in their comfort zones. True actors are those that take risks, innovative, creative and still manage to put their shoes flat on the ground… humble, respectful and globally competitive, and certainly, LMH and KGE have!

  10. Kim Go Eun’s a good actress but the pairing is just going to be as bad as when she was paired with Gong Yoo. There is no chemistry at all. I love to see a drama that can hook me with its great story at the same time make me feel “kilig” towards the leads. This drama has potential but the pairing is gonna ruin it for me (again ).

  11. This bothers me. I have to make a comment. I watched the drama because i like LMH being given a king role. What is the thing with the adult cop who saved the boy? Why does this boy grow up to fall for this cop? Why does he pursue her even when she does not believe him? Is this another story about a boy so sad and lonely that he ends up in a rabbit hole of imagined heroine whom he wants to end up happy ever after with? I just don’t get it!!! For the sake of drama please have mercy! This story makes me want to eat and gobble the character of the leading actress! She is the villain for me in this drama. She does not make sense at all. Give LMH somthing better! He just came out from military service and he deserves better. I want to think of the ending of this drama as being this, THE KING WILL MARRY MAXIMUS WHO TURNS OUT TO BE A BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS WHOM HE DESERVES ALL ALONG…yeah!!! If this is a fairy tale i want it to end this way.

    1. I saw it once it didn’t click at all – NO CHEMISTRY . LMH is too good looking. ** thumbs double down ** ill pass for now and wait for the next drama. #sorryNOTreally

  12. This is a drama where you anticipate to be entertained but it turns out boring because
    The pairing was excruciatingly BAD.
    I couldnt go on. Unlike Faith- the great Doctor.
    The soundtrack , the dialogue and the Chemistry!!!
    Perfect movie. I cried.

  13. Good opinion piece. I agree with everything you stated. Some articles on TKEM were clearly biased. I saw this drama for KGE. I tried to watch other LMH dramas but they we’re unwatchable for me. I skipped through Heirs and City Hunter. I liked his film Gangnam Blues I think it was called. I wonder what your thoughts are a year later.

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