11 Interesting Shocking Facts About The Cast Of “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim”

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“Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” is the newest hottest kdrama on the block. Its interesting fast-paced plot as well as its cast chemistry is quickly making it one of the most viewed and talked about kdramas of 2018.

But who are the cast behind the newest tvN drama? Is there anything interesting that you need to know about them?

Today, I will talk about 11 interesting and shocking facts about the cast of “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim?”

Park Seo Joon And Lee Tae Hwan Have Long Been Fans Of Park Min Young


Out of the entire main cast, Park Min Young is the sunbae of the group. She has been acting for such a long time back when Park Seo Joon and Lee Tae Hwan had been doing other things and weren’t even thinking about acting.

Park Seo Joon has fond memories of Park Min Young, back when he had dreams of becoming an actor but hasn’t actually started yet. He shared an interesting story of when he used to watch “Unstoppable High Kick” back in his army days; he said that his supervisor loved the drama so he watched it with him.

He added,

“I had a good impression of her since then. I hoped that we’d get the chance to work together one day since we’re around the same age, and now I got the chance to do it. The director keeps telling me that we have great chemistry, this inspired me to work harder.”

Park Min Young also revealed that she has watched his previous drama, she said,

“He’s such a good actor; I always wondered what it would be like to share the screen with him. He’s a considerate person and a very talented actor who can easily embody his character, and can point out the things that makes his character special. I understand why people call him an expert I comedies.

He helps me out a lot and motivates me to be funnier for my role. I am fortunate to be working with such a great cast. We have such a nice atmosphere and we have good teamwork, I am fortunate to be able to work on this drama. ”

Lee Tae Hwan also revealed that he was also a fan of “Unstoppable High Kick,” he also called himself lucky to have been able to meet such a great cast in a great production.

“Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” Held A “Good Luck” Ceremony


“Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” is one of the few kdramas that hold something called ‘good luck’ ceremony, a ceremony that is held by Korean actors and actresses involved in a production in hopes of bringing good luck and fortune to the upcoming drama.

The ceremony was held back on May 15 in the city of Pyeongtaek in Gyeonggi Province.

The main actors and the director were present at the event; they cheered on the drama and wished for its success.

And it looks like it has worked, because the drama premiered with impressive ratings, according to Nielsen Korea, the first episode scored 7.44% with a peak of 10.3% which is very good for a cable channel, the second episode also performed very well.

Its precedent, “My Ahjussi” highest rated episode 7.3% with a peak of 8.2%.

Park Min Young First Variety Show Regular Appearance Was Netflix’s “Busted”


Despite the fact that Park Min Young has been working in the showbiz for a very long time, she hasn’t been ever cast as a regular member of a variety show before 2018.

The actress is one of the cast members of Netflix’s “busted,” which is an investigative variety show where the seven cast members have to solve a mysterious case every episode.

The variety series showed a different side of the actress that has always been slaying with her acting skills.

Luckily, the variety show has been renewed for a second season.

“Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” Is Park Min Young’s First Romantic Comedy Leading Role


It might be difficult to comprehend, but “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” is talented actress Park Min Young’s first romantic comedy leading role.

She has always been starring in action dramas, historical and melodramas throughout her career; she has never led a romantic comedy drama until 2018.

Fans can hardly believe that its her first time leading a romantic comedy drama, why hasn’t she picked a romantic comedy before? It suits her so well; she’s a natural and is doing very well as Secretary Kim.

We hope that this drama becomes a huge success that’ll drive Park Min Young to take on more romantic-comedy leading roles.

Park Min Young Still Keeps In Touch With Lee Joon Gi


Remember the time we shipped Park Min Young with Lee Joon Gi?

When they both took part of tvN’s “My Ear’s Candy” which is about friendship between male and females actors, our hearts fluttered at how sweet they were together.

Sadly, the way the episode was edited made it out to be more romantic, which ended up causing issues as it was later revealed that Lee Joon Gi was dating actress Jeon Hye Bin.

It was around the same time Lee Joon Gi was shooting the variety show episode.

Back then, it didn’t land well with fans who thought that they have been misled by the way the program was edited. Lee Joon Gi gave encouraging words to Park Min Young that led her to tears.

There was even a special episode dedicated for them both which ended up being cancelled because of the controversy surrounding Lee Joon Gi’s dating life.

In an interview, she revealed that she was encouraged by his sweet warm words and revealed that she still keeps in touch with him from time to time.

This Is Park Min Young’s And 2PM’s Chansung Third Collaboration


“Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” isn’t the first time Park Min Young and 2PM’s Chansung worked together.

They previously shared the screen in “Unstoppable High Kick” back in 2006-2007; they were part of the supporting cast and it was when they both started their acting careers. They reunited last year in the melodrama “Queen For 7 Days.”

This is their third time working together; 2PM’s Chansung is playing the role of Go Gwi-nam, an employee of Yoomyung Group. He is known for his handsome looks and elite education.

His character is yet to be introduced in the drama; the first two episodes didn’t feature his character yet.

2PM’s Chansung is one lucky guy!

People Didn’t Think Park Seo Joon’s Suited his Character


Believe it or not, some netizens didn’t like it when they found out that Park Seo Joon was taking on the role of vice president Lee Young Joon in this drama.

Park Seo Joon addressed those haters and their groundless complaints through the press conference of the drama. He revealed that he read those comments of people who didn’t think he was handsome enough to play the role, he wittily replied,

“When news of my casting came out, there were fans who loved the original webtoon that commented, ‘He’s not a good fit,’ and there were also others who thought that I would be well-suited. There were many different responses.”

“However, to those who think I’m not a good match, nothing can be done about it now. It’s too late. I’ve already started filming for the drama. I’ve started, and I have to finish, so please put away your complaints, and I would be grateful if you kept an eye on my acting.

The production staff worked so hard to take the original webtoon’s clothing and hair into consideration. They particularly took a lot of care in designing the costumes. To be honest, I only own one suit, but in taking on this role, I ended up wearing almost entirely bespoke suits.”

Those haters must have nothing to complain about now having seen how good Park Seo Joon is playing his role. A webtoon is a thing and an adaptation is another. The remake of the webtoon doesn’t need to match everything 100%.

Lee Tae Hwan Admitted He Was Nervous Playing A Much Older Role


Lee Tae Hwan is born in 1995, he’s playing someone who is 35 years old, a character more than 10 years older than his actual age, he admitted that he felt pressured by his role.

He is much younger than his on-screen younger brother played by Park Seo Joon yet he is the cold-hearted best-selling author giving his younger brother trouble. About that he said,

“I have played a lot of characters in their 30s. This time, it is an even older mid-30s role.

I do feel pressure, it would be a lie to say I don’t, but I studied with the thought of approaching it as a character and expressing it beyond age.

The director jokes that I don’t look like I’m in my 20s. I think this could be a great strength for me.”

We can’t wait to see him slay his role.

Park Seo Joon Is Very Close To Many SISTAR Members


Park Seo Joon is known for being a friendly actor; he’s friends with BTS’s V, Park Hyung Sik, Kim Woo Shik and many other actors and idols.

He is known for being one of the very few lucky actors who have worked with 3 members of the former beloved idol group SISTAR.

He starred in “Family” with Dasom, “Dream High 2” with Hyorin, and MC-ed with Bora on a music show. So he knows all of them very well. They meet up from time to time and even keep in touch with each other.

He also most recently reunited with Hyorin. Hyorin shared a photo of the two together in Los Angeles; Park Seo Joon was being an absolute gentleman lowering his legs to match her height.

Lee Tae Hwan Is Close Friends With Lee Jong Suk


Lee Tae Hwan has shared the screen with Lee Jong Suk in the famous drama “W: Two Worlds.”

The actor talks fondly of Lee Jong Suk. The two previously bonded while sharing the screen in “W: Two Worlds” together.

Lee Tae Hwan talked about how Lee Jong Suk was like a mentor to him, saying, “Lee Jong Suk is someone who can teach you a lot. He gives me a lot of good advice concerning acting.

If there is something I’m pondering over, he’ll contact me and listen, give me advice, and buy me god food. He’s really kind and awesome. He’s a guy I want to learn from.”

This Drama Is Pyo Ye Jin And Park Seo Joon Second Collaboration


“Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” is the second time Pyo Ye Jin and Park Seo Joon have worked together.

The first time they’ve worked together was in 2017’s “Fight My Way,” although they didn’t have many scenes together because their characters paths didn’t cross often.

This time it’s different, Pyo Ye Jin is playing the replacement of his longtime Secretary, Secretary Kim. This is their second time working together; they have great chemistry in the drama.

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You can check out episode 1 and 2 review and recap of the drama here.

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