Signs Heechul And TWICE Momo Had Something Going On But We Were Too Dumb To Notice

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Super Junior Heechul and TWICE Momo have recently confirmed they were dating. To the surprise of many but also to little surprise to others who had been paying close attention to the couple.

Heechul has long expressed his admiration for TWICE and especially Momo, a quick look through his Instagram and you’ll notice that he posted photos and videos of Momo more than any other TWICE member and more than many other idol girl-friends he has.

Heechul is very friendly, he has many female idol friends and it’s a well-known fact in the industry and among fans as well, which is why many people brushed off his likeness of Momo to that of a sunbae to his hoobae.

JYP and Label SJ stated that Heechul and Momo had only recently begun dating but rumors about their romance have been going on for a while now and it dates back for a couple of years, this is why many netizens believe they actually had been dating for a while now.

But… if you were paying close attention, Heechul had hinted many times at his possible relationship with Momo on TV and other media channels, fans have dug up instances where they believe he’s referring to Momo, let’s take a look at some of them below:

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They were holding hands?


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Do Kpop idols usually hold hands even if they’re close but not dating? The answer is, highly unlikely….

This is something that was posted directly to Heechul’s Instagram account back in November of 2018. The couple looked like they were holding hands and as soon as Heechul started recording their hands drifted apart.

Fans can’t believe they actually missed this sign. Check out the clip above and fans reactions below:

Holy shite bruh thats more shocking than the news of them dating for me the heck i just noticed that

— TWEET (@NyzethF) January 2, 2020

This was more shocking than my grandpas death tbh

— ninny (@rubertstevenson) January 2, 2020

We did see it tho that they were holding hands! But instead we were told that we’re delusional. LOL

— ONCE (@mimomyms) January 2, 2020

Nayeon teasing Heechul about ‘something’ on TV?

Fans had been bringing up even more evidence that something was going on between Momo and Heechul for a while now, they’re referring to a clip where Nayeon teases Heechul telling him she ‘knows everything’ during an episode of “Knowing Brothers.”

TWICE were a guest on the beloved variety show and when Nayeon was asked to describe if she thinks she’s a good girlfriend, Heechul suggested she does it using an acrostic poem, Nayeon told him she’ll use his name. Heechul’s facial expressions didn’t look exactly excited but he went along with it, Nayeon proceeds to begin the poem warning him that she knew about something he had been keeping a secret, she then went on to mention Momo alluding that the secret involves her.

“Heechul, I know everything. Momo actually is…”


Heechul facial expressions changed and he shot her ‘that look,’ he told her,

“You’re not… I won’t let you do it!”

Check out the tense clip below:

Nayeon actually almost spilled the tea. We love you Momo and Heechul

— lalalalala (@weneedlalalalab) January 2, 2020

They were spotted in Momo’s hometown?

This was actually a while ago, in 2017, a Japanese part-timer had posted about Momo and Heechul claiming that she spotted the couple together, she said that they came to the place she worked at together.

The place where the Japanese part-timer worked was in Kyoto, in case you don’t know that’s Momo hometown. Heechul had previously shared selfies with his other friends in Kyoto at the time that part-timer claimed she saw the two of them together.

The part-timer claim has gone viral yesterday after the couple confirmed they recently started dating.

How protective Heechul is

Another clip of Heechul being protective of Momo has gone viral. It’s also an old clip but you can see how defensive he became when one of the MCs tried to get close to her and touch her face while they were discussing something, Heechul immediately slapped his hands away and everyone in the room laughed it off, in the same clip you can see Heechul taking something that was stuck near her eyes, check out the clip below:

since it’s been confirmed that heechul and momo are dating, please allow me to show y’all my favorite video of them.

— ✰ ◌༉‧ㅣ (@seungkvwn) January 2, 2020

How close Momo became to AOA all of a sudden

Fans love watching fan-cams of end-year festivals and one of those fan-cams has caught the attention of many, fans noticed that Momo and AOA Jimin and Seolhyun were chatting with each other, they seemed close which is something fans weren’t aware of because AOA and TWICE don’t usually interact much on TV or talk much about each other.

This might seem trivial but if you look closer you will understand why, AOA Jimin and Seolhyun are extremely close to Heechul, they’re so close they even go on trips together. Many fans believe Jimin and Seolhyun became close because Heechul had introduced Momo to them.

Check out the clip below:

When this interaction happened during sbs gayo, I knew something was up lol. Was thinking how did Momo become close with aoa? Then remembered, Jimin and Seolhyun are close friends of Heechul. So, I’m not surprised. I will support! Momo x Heechul

— (@tchaeng) January 2, 2020

Actress Son Dam Bi teasing Heechul about his ideal type on air

Actress Son Dam Bi is one Heechul closest friends, she made a guest appearance on an episode of the variety show “Life Bar” back in May of 2019, Son Dam Bi had personally stated that she checks out all the girls Heechul dates because she’s a good judge of character.

When she was asked about his ideal type, she said he had a lot and added,

“Young… and idol?”

Heechul appeared to be taken aback; he yelled at her ‘stop,’ Son Dam Bi was seen hysterically laughing at Heechul’s overreaction.

So these are some of the ‘signs’ fans kept bringing up in regards to Heechul and Momo.

What do you think of these signs?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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