Heechul Apologizes To Fans And Announces Temporary Hiatus From YouTube Following Dating News

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Super Junior Heechul will not be uploading to his personal YouTube channel for a while!

Heechul posted to YouTube community tab of his personal channel after the dating news was confirmed, he said,

“I will take a break from HeeTube for the time being.

I am always grateful and I am sorry.

I will greet you again… later.

In 2020, I hope you will be happier.

Stay healthy and goodbye.”

Label SJ and JYP had confirmed the couple started dating recently following a report from a news outlet on January 2nd. Some people criticized Heechul calling him names for dating someone much younger than him, Momo is 23 years old while Heechul is 36 years old, they’re 13 years apart.

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Did you think an apology was necessary? Do you support the couple?

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