Idols Enlisting In The Military Vs. Idols Coming Back From The Military This May 2019

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The month of May is going to be a bitter-sweet month for many Kpop fans as they prepare to say goodbye to yet more Kpop idols, they will also welcome back many idols and celebrities who are set to be discharged in May 2019.

Let’s start with idols who will enlist in May:

EXO Xiumin

The first EXO member who is enlisting in the military is the eldest, Xiumin.

On April 9, EXO Xiumin personally revealed the news to fans through a letter announcing the exact date of his enlistment and later his agency, SM Entertainment also confirmed the news with an announcement; he will be enlisting on May 7 as an active duty soldier.

The agency also revealed he plans on enlisting quietly so the location and time will not be revealed.

Xiumin is the oldest EXO member, he is born in 1990 and all male actors and idols must enlist this year before it ends according to Korean military laws.

Wanna One Jisung

Former Wanna One member Jisung is also enlisting soon, very very soon.

He had previously announced to his fans that he’ll be enlisting on May 14. He did many events and released tracks for fans as a goodbye gift ahead of his enlistment.

XENO-T’s Hojoon

Another member of XENO-T formally known as (Topp Dogg) is enlisting in the military.

On April 28, Hojoon revealed the news to his fans through an Instagram post. He didn’t specify the exact date but fans assume he’s enlisting in May because of the tone of his hand-written letter.

Idols usually announce military enlistment shortly ahead of their enlistment date.

Idols and actors set to be discharged in May:


2PM’s Taecyeon is the first member of his group to be discharged from the military. Despite serving his country away from the spotlight he was constantly in the spotlight for many reasons, one was because of his great physique revealed through fan-taken photos.

He will be discharged on May 16.

Kang Ha Neul

Actor Kang Ha Neul is coming back soon!

He enlisted back in 2017 and is set to be discharged on May 23rd. Fans are curious about the talented actor next drama/movie project.

He is currently in talks for a couple of dramas but nothing has been confirmed yet.

AKMU Chanhyuk

The young man enlisted in the military at a young age, unlike many idols and actors who prefer to delay their enlistment date to their late 20s.

He will be discharged on May 29. Fans are hoping to hear new songs from him and his sister soon.

Super Junior Kyuhyun

SM fans are in for a bittersweet May 7, one EXO member is enlisting on that day and the last Super Junior member is finally leaving.

Kyuhyun, who has been serving as a public service worker, is set to be discharged on May 7. He is the youngest member of Super Junior, his discharge means the end of Super Junior members military service.

Which idols are you most sad to see go? and which idol/actor are you extremely happy to welcome back?

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