2PM’s Taecyeon Hot Bod Wows Netizens And Gets Everybody Talking


One of the hottest idols currently serving the military is in the news again, this time for his great body.

A couple of photos of Taecyeon in military uniform circulated the web and people couldn’t take their eyes off of him.

His body became bigger and fit since he entered the military. The photos taken of him could be literally interpreted as stills of a film or a drama set about military life.

Netizens left many comments such as:

“You look so hot.”

“His body is becoming so big!”

“WOW…his physique…”

During the days when he was off duty, fans also noticed him and also snapped photos of him they shared that his body has become a lot bigger.

On October 1st, he took part in the Armed Forces Day celebration event alongside Siwan and PSY.

Check out some of the photos:


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