“My Mister” Ending Explained: Did It Have A Happy Ending?

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My Mister” is considered one of the best slice-of-life and slow-paced kdramas of all time, today, I am taking a look back at the drama’s ending, discussing it, and talk about the symbolism behind it.

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My Mister episode 16 recap

Ji-An is talking to her grandma who sees the beautiful roses and signs she’s the happiest she’s ever been. Ji-An is happy to see her grandma happy. Dong-Hun is waiting by and when her grandma appears to be talking about him, he slides away.

After their visit was done, Dong-Hun takes Ji An to his wife who escorts her to the police station. Ji-An talks to Yoon-Hee and says she’s hated her and was also jealous and asks why she’s helping her.

Dong-Hun meets Monk Gyeomduk, his bestie who is there to see his past lover Jung-Hee. They walk around the neighborhood and reminisce of the past days. He then sees Jung-Hee and presents her flowers. He’s extending an olive branch, Jung-Hee is admittingly shocked and protests, ‘what is left for me to look for in life?’

At the police station, Ji An gets interviewed by police but CEO Do Jun-Yeong denies it and says she likes him and threatened him. Ji An denies that. They end up setting up a meeting to look over the situation with both parties. CEO Do Jun-Yeong makes fun of Ji An and basically shames her for liking Dong-Hun, she retorts with, ‘you keep saying you like him, you like him, I guess you get really petty when you like someone.’ He storms outside the office and tells his lawyer to sue her for everything he can.

When he gets back to his office, he recalls being threatened and asks his assistant if any call came through, but none did. Still at the police station, Ji An asks Yoon-Hee why she cheated, she tells her she has a lot of reasons but is not sure what would make sense.

At night, Yoon-Hee calls Dong-Hun who tells her Director Park signed a paper saying he won’t sue Ji An and they only need the recordings. Ji An destroyed them because there were incriminating stuff about Yoon-Hee but the original recordings bag was stolen by Gwang-Il.

Gwang-Il is checking all the recordings and seeing whats useful while his friend yells at him saying they can secure the bag and disappear.

The next day, Ji An gets a call from the hospital, her grandma passed away. She calls Dong-Hun and they go check the body, she crashes and cries by her grandma’s side.

They hold the funeral and Dong-Hun’s brothers show up but its an empty show, Sang-Hun uses all of his money to buy flower wreaths and prints his friends’ names on it. He also tells his football club friends to come and pay their respects. They all show up and everyone else who meant something for Ji An shows up.

The brothers arrange for the cremation part too.

The next day, Do Jun-Yeong speaks to his man who is inquiring about who likely sent the threats over the voice recordings and he finds out its Lee Gwang-Il, so he goes to where they are and chases after them.

While Lee Gwang-Il is being chased by the man, Ji An is cremating her grandma. After they lay her to rest, Park Sang-Hun thanks her for allowing him to enjoy the best moment of his life, when he’s told its inappropriate, he apologizes but Ji-An says it was also the best moment of her life.

After Lee Gwang-Il loses the guy and Dong-Hun returns to his office, he finds that he was mailed the recordings. They hand it to police.

At night, Dong-Hun and Ji An go for drinks. Ji An tells him the CEO introduced her to a job opportunity and she’s going to another city. He asks why its so far away, she says she wants to go somewhere no one knows her and live her life as someone without a past.

After that ends and they share a meal, he says goodbye to her, she asks if she can give him a hug and he does. It’s a short hug.

After some time has passed

Dong-Hun is at his mother’s house, he finds out that Sang-Hun is probably getting back to his house. His mother asks what happened to Yoon-Hee, he says he drove her to the airport and while there visiting her son, she’ll look over schools.

Gi-Hun talks to him and asks if Ji An ever called back and he says noHehe then tells the story of a movie he’s seen and how sad it was. He, who should be a director, couldn’t bare to watch it and eventually when he did, he cried his eyes out.

When Dong-Hun goes back home, he looks at the empty house and struggles to eat, then when he suddenly balls his eyes out too.

Through montage, we’re then shown a progression of Gi-Hun trying to break up with Yoo-Ra over seasons as they change because he feels bad she’s with him. Eventually, they do and he cries knowing he wasted a beautiful woman.

A while later

Dong-Hun left his company and opened his own and his team also followed behind him, the business is booming.

Ji An appears to be doing well in life and has friends at work, she laughs well now. She even teaches sign language.

Gi-Hun goes to see his ex-lover’s movie and then he’s inspired to pick up the pen again and start writing.

On another day

While Ji An was with her work friends, she hears his sound. She approaches closer and sees its him. They greet each other. He’s happy to see her and says she looks great. She transferred to the main office and came to Seoul in March. He says he left and she should come by his company. Her friends call for her, he asks her to shake hands and she says she’ll buy him a meal and will call him soon.

He looks at her as she’s going away, he’s happy for her, she does the same too and they part ways.

The end

My Mister ending- frequently asked questions

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