“My Ahjussi” (My Mister) Spoiler Free Review- One Of The Best Kdramas In Recent Memory

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“My Ahjussi” also known as “My Mister” is led by IU, Lee Sun Kyun, Park Ho San, Song Sae Byeok and Chang Ki Yong among many others.

Note: this is a subjective review.

The drama is about three brothers who struggle in life, each carrying burdens and suffering problems. The middle brother (played by Lee Sun Kyun) meets a girl named Lee Ji An, she changes his life.

So today, I decided to discuss the drama in a spoiler-free review to all the kdrama fans who are wondering whether they should watch it or not.

The Plot and Characters


As I had previously said, the plot isn’t about one person its about 4 people and that is something that can present problems if handled the wrong way.

Not every writer can perfect plots with many sub-plots and give each character its justice, it also means that the main actors have to ‘accept’ not being in 90% of each shot.

Kdramas usually pick 4 main characters and focus on two for about 80% of each episode and give that 20% to the rest of the characters. Sometimes, I hated that and sometimes I liked that.

“My Ahjussi” is unlike that but was able to pull it off perfectly.

There were episodes that concentrated on certain characters and shed light on them, this gave every actor the chance to shine and show how good they were, they were all amazing.

It never felt as if it was forced, all these characters were connected one way or another and every one of them had a story and the writer told their stories.


“My Ahjussi” is probably the only kdrama in 2018 that doesn’t have any kdrama clichés that are pure repetitive and cheesy. You don’t know how happy I was with that.

Its been so long since I have seen a drama that is this raw and real. Its gritty, its miserable, its heartbreaking and its exhausting. Its all of these emotions.

One of the best things about this script is that each action each character makes is totally understandable and justifiable. No character does anything out of its character and that was such a nice thing to see.


The plot is written so well and each episode has juicy details to share with the audience. It also respects the audience and doesn’t always use dialogue to get a point across.

During this drama’s runtime, you will see many silent moments that focus on the characters’ facial expressions to get the point across. There are also times when the drama doesn’t necessarily explain something but we draw to that conclusion, I liked that.

The drama is written so well and has the perfect amount of information presented in the first episodes, it didn’t feel forced and the writer didn’t feel that she needed to give us as much information about each character backdrop as soon as possible.


There are certain plot points and characters that aren’t explained in the first half of the drama, it takes a while before you understand them and their actions but its worth the wait.

I also liked that each time a character made a very shocking or annoying decision I understood why they did it. I have grown accustomed to the cast so much so that I knew what each main character would do and why.

The feel of connecting with these characters and understanding their struggles some of them make some pretty horrible decision that aren’t justifiable by any means but still you understand why they came to those decisions.

I felt sorry for the bad and the good characters in this drama because of their backstories and because of the struggles they had to go through.

The drama aimed to be healing, viewers related to the characters and their daily struggles and past wounds that never healed. There are many beautiful conversations and quotes from this drama that I often recall.


The drama made me feel both happy and sad watching it, I was excited about each episode but also anxious to find what’s gonna happen and how it’ll affect the main characters.

I cried, I don’t often cry watching kdramas but there was a couple of moment where I just lost it, some of these moments personally touched me and reminded me of an incident I have been through, those moments I cried might have not been the moment a lot of kdrama fans cried at.

Some episodes are heartbreaking and the little details and the struggles of those characters get to you and you feel all the feels you should. It was nice to see and also heartbreaking because this is real life and real people. It makes you hate the world we live in but also have hope knowing that despite the filth there are still good people in this world and its worth to fight.

The plot discusses infidelity, domestic abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts so its pretty heavy. And I love heavy kdramas when its done right


Those two main characters played by IU and Lee Sun Kyun are not similar to any character description I have seen in a 2018 kdrama. The same goes to all other characters, the writer didn’t feel the need to construct characters that we would automatically care about but characters we’d respect and understand.

No 2D characters, but 3D!



Who would have thought that IU and Lee Sun Kyun would be so good together? I like IU’s acting and I love Lee Sun Kyun’s acting, the guy is a pro and chooses good projects.

This is, in my opinion, the best project he chose in recent years.

I was blown away by how good the brothers suited each other and how it felt real. I liked how IU and Jang Ki Yong’s characters interacted and love their push-and-pull toxic relationship.

I didn’t hear about it as much as I had wished. The drama is wayyyy better than 80% of the kdramas that aired this year, plot-wise, casting wise, chemistry wise and also OST wise.

The Casting


The majority of the cast is old, older than your usual kdrama. IU is the youngest among the cast members.

The casting choice was simply amazing. I admit I doubted the casting choice at first because it paired IU and Lee Sun Kyun and they had a large age gap.

However, the plot didn’t shy away from discussing that age gap and touching on it. The drama doesn’t have a defined love line either. But oh my God, they suit each other so well and had this great odd chemistry.


I also cared about the other characters in the drama, they all suited each other so well and it felt a documentary almost because it seemed so real not a fake drama set with ‘actors.’



A perfect drama isn’t complete without a perfect OST and oh my god I still have “My Ahjussi” OST on repeat.

Its soooooooooooo great you guys must google it, even if you decide not to watch the drama you must google the OST. Its hypnotizing.

The OST is sad ballad songs and I honestly like sad songs so it might not be for everyone but when you’re feeling down there is no better OST to listen to than My Ahjussi’s OST.

There is one particular song called ‘Dear Moon’ it was written by IU herself but sang by someone called Je Hwi, his voice is breathtaking you must listen to this song.

Conclusion- Should I watch this drama?


Having praised this drama so much I still don’t think its for everyone.

The drama is about some very sensitive social topics and doesn’t have likable female lead characters. If you like bubbly kdramas where you can easily ship the leads this isn’t the drama for you.

Also, if you’re in a bad mood, this drama will probably put you in a worse mood sometimes. If you don’t want to cry a lot while watching a kdrama, don’t watch this especially if you’re sensitive.

Not everyone will understand this beautiful gem, but everyone who watched it said it was one of the best kdramas they had EVER seen. I have never seen so many people say this about a kdrama there are usually things people nitpick about but this drama left no room for that.

so have you guys seen this drama? what were your thoughts on it?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas on this site in form of reviews an/or recaps, join me in the discussion~


  1. Thank you for recommending this drama on your Sky Castle review. I saw some comments about how good the drama was on Youtube but after reading the short plot, I thought it would be boring. But I’m so happy I got to watch it, it felt like I was an omniscient being who could see through every part of each character. It felt so real, I just finished the drama like an hour ago and I had a lot to write down from the drama since I also write (for fun though), and I have a lot to reflect from this drama. I’ll surely watch it again, this drama made me have a huge respect for everyone involved in the production. Thank you for your apt recommendation. I’ll be sure to look out for more from you.

  2. I just finished waching it, and you’re right. This is a sad story but a very heartwarming kdrama. Facial expressions of the actors specialy IU will make you cry. Everyone in this kdrama really did a great job. IU and Su Kyun’s chemistry suprised me. It’s actually famous now as critics praised it. I wached twice now. And will watch again

  3. I simply love this drama and it has been the best drama that I have ever watched aside Sky Castle and Signal. I loved these three dramas because they don’t have eye-candies oppas/unnies but still their plots are too good that a second watch is a must. When i first started watching My Ahjussi I found that the plot was very slow in the beginning and I honestly thought that it was going to be boring and wanted to stop watching it but because i am a dedicated fan of IU, I still kept watching it and as the episodes progressed I could not believe myself that I was going to stop watching it. I would have lost a gem of a drama. I have also recommended this to one of my friends and she too said that it is the best drama. I loved all the characters here where each one of them tells their own story.

  4. I came around a bit late to watching My Mister. The drama did not appeal to me before. I thought it was slow and I did not like IU and Lee Sun Kyun together. It’s a good thing I tried to watch it again. I’m still midway but so far it’s good. It is a bit depressing at times as it tugs at your heart while reminding you the reality of how tough life can be. Inspite of some dark undertones, there are those hopeful, sweet moments like how the brothers are always there for each other. I like how these broken people fights on as Yura pointed out. The actors are really good and well casted.

  5. I’m not a fan of kdrama, but I got soooo curious about this and decided to watch eventually. This is the 2nd kdrama I’ve watched from start to finish. What I love about this is it’s not your typical kdramas ~ it’s dragging and unromanticized. This made me love the drama more because I can relate. It made me feel like I was fighting a battle and they’re all with me. The characters made me feel that it’s okay if I’m going thru something right now. Watching My Mister for the 2nd time! ❤️

    P.S. Lee Sun Kyun’s fangirl. ☺️❤️

  6. I consider myself a newbie related to kdramas. My first drama was Stairway to heaven, I was 16 years old and then ten years later I watched My mister and became not only my second drama but my favorite ever!. In a couple of years I watched lots of kdramas but none like My mister. It always frustrated me how underrated this drama is so when I found your review I almost cried because of how perfect it is. (Yes I fall immensely in love with Lee sun kyun) You have a new follower.

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