“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Episode 15 Recap And Review: Why Did Woo Young Woo And Lee Jun Ho Break Up?

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“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 15 has aired earlier today, here is a recap of it.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 15 recap

the episode begins with a programmer who accidentally clicks a malware and gets an entire company hacked.

Meanwhile, Jung Myeong Suk gets surgery for his cancer, Woo Young Woo visits him to wish him well but ends up rambling about the success rate of his treatment worrying his mother.

Woo Young Woo then is called to attend the meeting with the new clients as she will be working under Jang Seung Jo. They will represent Raon, the company that had its data on 40 million Koreans leaked due to this hack. They are projected to be fined 300 billion won [$227 million] by the KCC [Korea’s communication Commission]. They’re fighting a lawsuit against them for the hack.

he CEO is deeply concerned [played by Kim Joo Hun]. The CEO explains that they believe they’re a victim of North Korean attack due to the method they used. Jang Seung Jo assures them everything will go well because other companies were fined less.

At lunchtime, Su Yeon visits Woo Young Woo to ask about the breakup, she tells her she didn’t explain why this happened, she avoids speaking about it.

After finding out information about the case that could help, Woo Young Woo rushes to Jang Seung Jo who dismisses her interference and tells her not to do or say anything he didn’t ask for. She later visits Jung Myeong Suk who is recovering from surgery and asks about advice on how to handle Attorney Jang, he tells her she can discuss it with her fellow attorneys but she should avoid getting on his nerves.

At trial, Jang Seung Jo attempts to get fancy but is asked to not over-explain the terms because they know, he doesn’t anticipate the judge being this hard and that the lawyer who is defending the KCC is this strong and prepared, he argues its too much compared to previous cases.

Due to what happened, the team discusses a round-about way to approach the legalities of this situation. They want to argue that even if Raon had their defenses up, the hacking wouldn’t have been prevented. They also find out that Taesan law firm is taking on a class-action lawsuit against them for the leak of the information. This will cause their company to go bankrupt.

Because of this, they decide to meet the judge and butter him up but it doesn’t work and back fires in their face. They find out through the KCC, the laws have changed and even with their new argument, it doesn’t stand. This causes the CEO to take cyanide in front of the judge claiming its unfair and he attempts suicide. He’s barely saved but he doesn’t wake up and they must see how it goes.

Woo Young Woo then recalls another ‘loophole’ arguing that the newer laws shouldn’t apply to them when she goes to say that to Jang Seung Jo, he explodes in her face and kicks her off the team. Su Yeon wants to defend her but Min Woo prevents her from doing so. He explains they won’t be taken lightly if they stand up to their sunbae. She asks him to grow a backbone and stand up because she likes men who do this.

At night, Lee Jun ho goes to see Woo Young Woo to ask why they broke up. She explains that she’s unsure she will make him happy and that he will have to look after her his entire life. She also says she has a knack for making people around her lonely because she’s so into her own world. When she asks him if he’s ever felt lonely around her, he pauses and is unable to answer.

The next day, they close the trial case and Su Yeon decides to go rouge and follow Woo Young Woo’s advice. Jang Seung Jo is not pleased but she pushes ahead with it and eventually, Min Woo joins in and does it too. Later, its revealed they won the trial.

CEO Han Seon-Young visits Woo Young Woo’s father at night to tell him to lay low when the articles will come out she won’t be able to protect her, so he should take her advice and leave with her for a vacation for a couple of days. He asks if there is a workaround that but she says he told her she’s allowed to use Woo Young Woo only once.

Meanwhile, a teenager watches the Raon news anxiously, he’s also apparently very smart. He might have had something to do with it, he calls someone and threatens to hack him if he doesn’t answer because he was under the impression that the CEO of Raon would wake up.

We find out his mother is Taesan’s CEO and Woo Young Woo’s mother.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 15 review

Kim Joo Hun is not working overtime at this point, he’s like working at 200%, the dude is EVERYWHERE and I honestly LOVE IT. He has so much charisma and dedication, you can see his passion through his acting despite his age. Not saying he’s old old since he’s in his 40s but I am always pleasantly surprised by his passionate performances.

About the case… I was not having it this episode… not because the screenwriter did a bad job on the verdict part but because I know this can actually happen, big corporations winning by sheer dumb luck due to the law being written in a way that allows exploitation by those who know how to read and perceive to their advantage. The topic of privacy online is a huge interest of mine.

I heard some developers who watched this episode point out a couple of illogical points regarding the hacking and the sense behind it, but since I am not an expert I will leave it to those who know to comment here if they wish to explain what the points are.

This episode was … surprisingly a bit anti-climatic… I expected a bit more angst from the 15th episode but again, the crew shot a lot of the drama prior to them seeing how massively successful it became, so there is that. We don’t know how much the script would have been affected otherwise. I think the introduction of young woo’s younger sibling deserves its own story and I highly doubt one episode will do this justice.

Also, this is highly controversial on my side but.. I don’t mind Young Woo and Jun Ho not ending up together, the screenwriter has taken the logical route in this drama many times before so I am not surprised. The reason for their breakup is pretty understandable but I wished their relationship had been through those phases and a decision was decided based on that, I think tackling that would have been far more interesting but I also realize it would have been a huge writing challenge.

Added to that, the actor behind Jun Ho, Kang Tae Oh, must serve this year and this drama is in talks for season two…. They will either have to wait until he’s done or shoot without him… I really like his character and think the actors share amazing chemistry so a possible 2nd season without him is not that pleasant of an idea but there are also other reasons. I will share my thoughts on the possible season 2 tomorrow but I will say this… not a huge fan of the idea.

So what did you guys think of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 15?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I think this is a rare case of 16 episodes not being enough. I feel there is enough story left for 20 episodes and I didn’t feel like ep 15 was near the end.

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