YouTube Deletes Over 13 Million Views From BTS “Dynamite” MV, Why Does It Keep Happening?

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YouTube has done it again!

Despite setting a world record with their 24-hour debut for “Dynamite” MV, BTS views for the MV has gone down a couple of hours ago, by 13 million views.

ARMY have gotten used to getting their views deleted by YouTube. This time, they made sure they followed the guidelines to a tee to ensure that YouTube doesn’t delete their hard work. However, despite their best efforts, it was deleted this time as well. 13 million views were deleted while fans were streaming.

To some, the deleted views amounted to 12 million while others saw a 13 million decrease. The views have gone down from 133 million to 120 million.

One ARMY even captured the exact moment this happened.

After finding out over 13 million views were deleted, ARMY began using a template tagging YouTube’s official accounts asking for an explanation again.

Previously, YouTube deleted more than 67 million views from “ON” which prevented BTS from snagging another title as the biggest debut in YouTube’s history in the first 24 hours. They even answered fans’ questions about why the views kept getting deleted,

In related news, “Dynamite” has broken YouTube’s records for the biggest premiere with more than 4 million concurrent viewers. The official count for the MV at the 24-hour mark was approximately 98.2 million views. Fans are waiting for YouTube’s official count since it can either be a bit more or a bit less.

Here are some of fans reactions to the views getting deleted for “Dynamite” MV.

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  1. It always happens every time, even when I watch and stream Jessica Jung songs and watch her vlogs, the views always gets deleted, it’s really pissing me off, even to other Kpop songs and American songs too, I hope it won’t happen again

  2. This is getting out of control. Either YouTube needs to actively fix this, or we need to seek another platform that will not do this. Maybe it’s time to cancel YouTube.

  3. Didn’t YouTube already explain? It’s because sometimes the views got calculated wrong (eg. someone didn’t watch the video long enough to count as a view). I knlw that especially in ‘On’ MV the numbers were a lot worse and it’s frustrating all-together, but acting like Youtube does this on purpose is just hypocritical.

    1. But tbh youtube probably did delete them on purpose, and now they are defending themselves, but ARMY is stronger!! They better admit their wrongdoing b4 we figure out. #cancelyoutube #army

  4. no one will use such a tricky method to increase view
    and even if they did so youtube “a worldwide platform” isn’t that weak to detect them at once..they’ve been managing every accounts in youtube
    but why are they missing in this one?……
    we just want the answer youtube please……don’t delete views
    its the effort of army all around the world….

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