Song Joong Ki Has Reportedly Filed For Divorce Without Alerting Song Hye Kyo

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More reports on the former couple are being reported and one of them is a puzzling one!

Korean news Channel A has released a report that is getting lots of attention. According to Channel A, a source close to Song Joong Ki told them that he had filed for divorce without telling Song Hye Kyo, the statement shocked fans.

As previously reported, Song Joong Ki filed for divorce on June 26 and on the same day many people saw him attend a musical and no one reported that he looked bad or under stress.

Channel A reports that Song Hye Kyo found out the next day through the media just like everybody else. The source who relayed this piece of information to Channel A tells them he believes Song Joong Ki is trying to issue this as a warning to not make any extra noise or comment about the divorce.

The source suggests it served as a warning to Song Hye Kyo not to attempt circulating lies or rumors about their married life or any background information about the divorce procedure. If she did, he would reveal everything, the source tells Channel A.

Song Joong Ki’s statement to the press when announcing the divorce was rather unusual, he told fans,

“Rather than denouncing one another and arguing over who is to blame, I hope that the divorce process can be wrapped up amicably.”

He refused to comment on the reason behind the divorce since it’s about their private lives, however, Song Hye Kyo released a statement confirming the divorce but they stated the reason behind the divorce, their personalities differed widely and they couldn’t get over their differences.

Song Joong Ki’s side never confirmed or denied this was the reason for divorce. Nevertheless, they promised strict legal action against anyone who spread fake malicious rumors.

Song Joong Ki’s side is trying to wrap up the divorce proceedings ASAP and will not seek alimony from Song Hye Kyo. The entire divorce process could end by August.

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  1. That’s sad, whether she’s at fault or not, they should try to resolve it first, especially with the kids in tow. This won’t look good for Song Joong Ki.

    1. “…especially with the kids in tow.”

      Why on earth do people make up this sort of nonsense?

      These are the types of comments that do damage to others.

  2. Hmmmm…to warn SHK? I dont think she would go around and malign SJK. She’s known for being quiet and passive to all her controversies. She’s the kind who would just take all the negativity tossed against her and rise above from all of those dirty talks gracefully by just simply being calm. I wonder where are all the love and passion SJK keeps on professing all this time. He’s intentionally ruining her by initiating the divorce. When love is gone, respect should remain. I dont see it in him, even a little consideration.

  3. Regardless of “sources” and whatnot, a couple does not live apart for nearly a year and then one party is blindsided by news of divorce.

    While it’s too bad it has to happen at all, not everyone is going to get along, happily in love with their spouse forever. It’s just a shame people cannot go about their business, no matter their station in life, without everyone and their brother making a huge deal about it. It’s no one’s business other than the Song’s. Family, friends, and fans (especially fans!) should NEVER have to chime in with an opinion. EVER. No one knows what goes on behind the closed doors between a husband and wife and it should stay that way.

    For the matter of the court, someone always needs to appear to take blame, unfortunately, even when the matter is settled amicably.

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