Son Ho Jun Personally Addresses The Shocking Death Of His Character In “The First Responders 2”

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Son Ho Jun, who left the drama “The First Responders 2,” left a final message for the viewers who may feel disappointed by his departure.

The SBS Friday drama “The First Responders 2” depicts an upgraded collaboration between firefighters extinguishing fires, police officers solving crimes, and the National Water Agency collecting evidence against unprecedented and major cases.

In the 3rd episode of the drama, fans were shocked finding out the character had passed away.

NOTE: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD for “The First Responders 2”

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In relation to this, Son Ho Jun expressed his thoughts on leaving “The First Responders 2” after the third episode through a 5-question and 5-answer format, expressing his infinite respect and gratitude to his colleagues and the production.

Q: In the third episode, Bong Do-jin’s death was revealed. Since you’ve been together since Season 1, there must be a sense of regret, right?

A: Before the reveal, everyone I met asked me, “Surely he’s not going to die, right?” So I was running around trying to dodge that question. Thinking about it now, I believe the drama’s portrayal of Bong Do-jin represents the firefighters in a way, and that’s why many people are cheering for him and showing interest in him. We can somewhat express our gratitude to the people who protect us at the risk of their lives in places we can’t see and give them some comfort by cheering for Do-jin. In reality, I knew from the beginning that Do-jin would die in Season 2, so there wasn’t any disappointment, but there’s a lingering feeling of regret that we won’t be able to work with these great people for much longer.

Q: In the third episode, Bong Do-jin swallowed a candle to leave evidence of the serial arsonist even in the face of death. Were there any difficult moments during filming or memorable experiences?

A: The scene where Bong Do-jin leaves evidence of the serial arsonist on his body is the best scene to show who Bong Do-jin really is. Even in the face of his own death, the fact that he was willing to eat a candle that was used as a “fire delay device,” hoping that there wouldn’t be another fire like this, was both reckless and cool. I worried a lot about whether I could successfully express this side of Bong Do-jin. While there weren’t any technical or physical challenges on the filming set, expressing Bong Do-jin was the part that gave me the most worries.

Q: In the third episode, Bong Do-jin finally puts a ring on Song Seol’s (played by Kong Seung-yeon) finger, but it was revealed that Song Seol was pretending. How did you feel when shooting this scene?

A: I remember crying a lot while shooting the scene where I put the ring on Seol. I was so sad when I had to say I was sorry for not keeping my promise. Thinking that I wouldn’t be able to see my loved one again made me feel so sorry for Do-jin. My tears wouldn’t stop because of how pitiful Do-jin was in that situation. The director suggested that we also film a more subdued version of the scene, so I tried to shoot it in a more subdued way, but strangely, I couldn’t do it.

Q: What kind of existence is Bong Do-jin to actor Son Ho Jun, and what kind of character would you like the viewers to remember Bong Do-jin as?

A: To me, Bong Do-jin was a grateful character who helped me understand the firefighters’ gratitude, remorse, greatness, and gratitude that I hadn’t known until now. I hope viewers also learn a lot about the gratitude of firefighters through Do-jin.

Q: Finally, please say a word to the viewers who have been with you.

A: Although Do-jin has died, Gisu is the second Do-jin, In-joo is the third Do-jin, and Ji-hoon is the fourth Do-jin. Even though Do-jin has died, he is still alive, so please continue to support the remaining episodes of the firefighters’ team. The story will get even more exciting afterward, so please watch it to the end. Thank you.

Episode 4 of “The First Responders 2” aired on the 12th at 10 p.m.

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