Netflix’s “The Glory” Receives Enthusiastic Response From Global Media Outlets + Ranks Third in Netflix Global TOP 10 TV Category

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The overwhelming explosive response for Netflix’s “The Glory” Part 1 is continuing to more countries.

The Netflix series “The Glory” depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in childhood and the desperate revenge that she has planned for her entire life. She seeks to take revenge on the bullies who ruined her life, has been receiving enthusiastic praise from all over the world since its release on December 30.

According to the Netflix TOP 10 website on January 4, “The Glory” quickly ranked third in the Netflix Global TOP 10 TV (non-English) category, recording 25.41 million viewing hours in just three days after its release. In the Netflix Global TOP 10 TV (non-English) category, it was listed on the TOP 10 list of 19 countries, including South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Singapore, Morocco, and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” released unreleased and behind-the-scenes stills, thanking the media and viewers around the world for their enthusiastic interest. Through behind-the-scenes stills, it shows the unpublished stills containing the narrative of the series, which gave the most immersive feeling of all time, and the atmosphere of the field full of focus.

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  1. Thats what you called GOOD KARMA, in the last few days knetz were overwhelming about song jong ki’s latest s dating stint, they even said some, negative things about SONG HYE KYO, about their divorced..which so unfair to this hardworking lady, who stay low, and quiet about the separation.. Dragging her name to that news, WE, the international fans of her, were offended, because we thought that, she deserves respect from everyone, because she tried her best to move on.. And live peacefully. That’s why “the glory” got this high rating, good reviews, popularity especially in international scene. Of course, her fans, its given that they’re going to suport all her drama and shows. But others, got curious, because of those negative comments about her acting skills and private life. CONGRATULATIONS TO SONG HYE KYO.. TO THE MAIN CASTS, THE DIRECTOR, THE CREWS, AND OF COURSE, TO THE WRITER, for making this newl trend of revenge.. Can’t wait to the next season..

  2. What a eye opener show, and I thought Koreans were gentle people but what a great show and the lead actress outstanding performance, roll on the next episodes.

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