Na In Woo Joins Park Min Young In Talks For Novel-based Drama

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Actor Na In Woo is considering appearing in the drama “Please Marry My Husband.”

On March 8, it was reported that Na In Woo was cast in the role of Yoo Ji Hyuk in the drama “Please Marry My Husband.”

In response, Na In Woo’s agency Cube Entertainment told, “We have received an offer to appear, and it is a work that is under consideration.”

“Please Marry My Husband” is a web novel by writer Sung So Jak, a contemporary romance revival book, and is also being serialized as a webtoon. The story is about Kang Ji Won, who witnessed her best friend Jung Soo Min and her husband Park Min Hwan having an affair, and returns back to 10 years ago after being killed by Park Min Hwan and takes revenge with Yoo Ji Hyuk, the manager of the same company.

Earlier, Park Min Young was offered the role of Kang Ji Won. The work drew attention as it was mentioned as a return work after Park Min Young, who was investigated by the prosecution over allegations that she was involved in the process of acquiring unfair profits from the virtual asset exchange Bithumb related to the ex-boyfriend controversy.

Meanwhile, “Please Marry My Husband” aims to start filming in the first half of this year, and the broadcasting company is undecided.

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