Kim Sae Ron Shares A Handwritten Apology Letter For Her DUI

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Kim Sae Ron has released a personal apology addressing her DUI.

On May 19, Kim Sae Ron posted a handwritten apology letter to her Instagram breaking her silence for the first time following the incident.

She wrote,

“Hello. This is Kim Sae Ron.

I’m sorry to inform you of my position so late after organizing the accident and damage situation first.

Yesterday, I had an accident in Gangnam at around 8 a.m. on May 18. At that time, I made a big mistake while being drunk.

My wrong judgment and behavior has caused damage to so many merchants, citizens, and restoration workers in nearby shopping malls. I should have acted more carefully and responsibly, but I couldn’t. I sincerely apologize. I am currently organizing the damage caused by the accident with the company, and we will do our best to communicate and actively resolve it until the end.

Also, I am very sorry for causing setbacks to my fellow actors, staff, and the production staff for the work while I was in the middle of filming and preparing. Once again, I am deeply sorry and I apologize for causing trouble.

There is no excuse for this disgraceful incident, and I am disappointed and ashamed of myself for what I have done. I will deeply reflect and reflect upon myself so that this will not happen again. I’m sorry.”

On May 19, GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment released a statement addressing the drunk driving while conveying the actress’s apology. Later, a source from the SBS drama stated, “Kim Sae Ron’s agency has expressed her intent to step down along with the apology, we have accepted the request.”

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