Kim Sae Ron Steps Down From Upcoming SBS Drama “Trolley” Following Her DUI

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Kim Sae Ron has made the decision to step down from the upcoming SBS Drama “Trolley” following her DUI.

Previously, a source from the Seoul Gangnam Police Station released a statement to announce that around 8 a.m. KST in the district of Cheongdam in Gangnam, Kim Sae Ron was booked for driving under the influence. She crashed into a structure and when police measured her alcohol content at the scene, she requested to get a blood test, thus, she was taken to the hospital.

When more details about the accident were revealed, netizens were shocked. It was revealed that she caused damage to the businesses and citizens with the accident.

On May 19, GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment released a statement admitting to the drunk driving while conveying the actress’s apology. Later, a source from the SBS drama stated, “Kim Sae Ron’s agency has expressed her intent to step down along with the apology, we have accepted the request.”

“Trolley” has recently held its first script reading and Kim Sae Ron was set to play one of the leading roles. Filming for “Trolley” has not started yet but it is expected to begin soon as the drama is set to air in the second half of 2022.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting on a statement by the upcoming Netflix drama “Hunting Dogs,” but in their case, the decision is much more costly because the drama was supposed to wrap up filming in June of this year. They have been filming since December of 2021.

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