Kim Sae Ron Attends First Trial For Drunk Driving + Prosecution Seeks A Fine For The Damages

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Prosecutors have sought a fine for actress Kim Sae Ron, who caused an accident while drunk driving. Kim Sae Ron’s side appealed for leniency because of her hardships in life.

On March 8th, Kim Sae Ron attended the first trial on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act (drinking and driving) held at the Seoul Central District Court. The prosecution demanded a fine of 20 million won for Kim Sae Ron and 5 million won for fellow passenger A, who was also indicted for aiding and abetting drunk driving.

The prosecution pointed out, “The defendant caused an accident while drunk driving with a very high blood alcohol level, but she fled without taking any action.” However, he explained the reason for seeking a fine by citing the fact that she confessed to all the crimes and that she tried to recover the damage by agreeing with the victims.

Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer said, “Sae Ron admits all the facts of the prosecution but she has been staying away from alcohol as much as possible and has sold all of her vehicles. Please take that into consideration,” he is said to have appealed for mercy.

After the trial was over, when asked by reporters, “You were sentenced to a fine, do you have anything else to say?” Kim Sae Ron briefly replied, “I’m sorry,” and left the courtroom. Kim Sae-ron’s next trial will be held on April 5th.

Previously, it was revealed that Kim Sae Ron was caught by police drunk driving. The actress was revealed to have caused damage to the surrounding buildings and a traffic light since she hit a transformer. This was followed by a statement by her agency acknowledging the drunk driving, the actress has also released a personal apology letter and stepped down from one of her upcoming dramas.

Her agency also followed up with a statement confirming the blood alcohol content at the time of the incident. It was approximately 0.2 percent, a level high enough for her driver’s license to be revoked.


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