Kang So Ra Lost 20 Kg To Get Back To Acting After Giving Birth

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Actress Kang So Ra has revealed the postpartum routine that helped her lose 20 kg ( 44 lbs) weight.

On February 24th, an interview with Kang So Ra from ENA’s “Strangers Again” was held at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Kang So Ra, who succeeded in losing 20kg after giving birth, said, “There is nothing new. It is something everyone knows. I worked hard on exercise and diet management. Everyone asks me a lot of diet-related questions, but there is no difference. The difference is the difference in desperation.”

She added, “I worked hard because I wanted to get back to work quickly. I mostly worked out at the gym and Pilates.”

Kang So Ra, who married an oriental doctor 8 years older than her, in 2020, gave birth to a daughter in April 2021.

“Strangers Again” is Kang So Ra’s drama comeback after 6 years of absence. In the drama, Kang So Ra takes on the role of Oh Hara, a star lawyer specializing in divorce.


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