Actor Ji Soo’s Side Reveals The Person Who Originally Accused Him Of Sexual Assault Admit They Were Lying, Ji Soo To Proceed With More Lawsuits

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Actor Ji Soo’s Side new statement is making headlines!

Actor Ji Soo has been embroiled in bullying controversy earlier this year. The actor has admitted to the bullying accusations made against him but there were also sexual assault allegations circulating around.

KeyEast had denied the sexual assault allegations but the damage was already done, many online communities kept spreading the rumors. The actor had also denied them as well.

Ji Soo has since departed KeyEast and hired a law firm to sue the malicious commenters. The law firm Shin & Kim has recently released a new statement to provide updates on his case.

Through the official statement, the firm revealed that the original creator of the post accusing Ji Soo of sexual assault had admitted they were lying and had even contacted Ji Soo’s former agency to apologize.

The firm will file criminal complaints against the netizens who wrote the posts in order to correct the false information spreading around.

Through a recent search through IP addresses, one of the writers of the false posts turned out to not even be connected to Ji Soo whatsoever. The writer is a soldier who enlisted in the military not too long ago, he admitted what he wrote was false and through a handwritten letter, he apologized sincerely to Ji Soo and asked for leniency, as his mother is fighting cancer, Ji Soo has decided to forgive him.

However, for the other netizens who wrote the comments and went into hiding after spreading such rumors, the firm will continue to take legal action.

The firm also added that most of the posts containing details about Ji Soo’s school violence contain false information. The court judge has ruled that there was enough reason to believe in the falsity of the posts, thus, a search and seizure warrant has been issued for those commenters so they could be identified.

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