Actor Ji Soo To File Lawsuit Against False Accusations Of Sexual Violence

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Actor Ji Soo legal representative has issued a statement promising strict legal action against the people who made false accusations against him.

Two months ago, actor Ji Soo was accused of being a perpetrator of school violence in middle school. Among the accusations were also talks about him allegedly committing sexual violence with coercion, fans were shocked as the accusations were among the most severe bullying accusations reported at the time.

The actor soon released a statement acknowledging his mistakes and stated he’ll reflect. He admitted to the accusations made against him but there were so many fans who were unsure what accusations he was referring to.

Subsequently, KeyEast denied the sexual violence accusations but stated he admits to having been the perpetrator of school violence.

On May 27, KeyEast announced they’ve terminated their contract with the actor and on the same day, his legal representative [law firm Shin & Kim] released a statement to announce they will be taking strict legal action against the sexual violence accusations.

In their statement, they explain that the actor had posted a handwritten apology and reached out immediately to people so he could ask for forgiveness. However,

“There were several claims made that were different from the truth or completely false, however, the client didn’t take any action against those claims.

They are clearly false, and such accusations that he was a perpetrator of ‘sexual crimes’ were expanded and shared online. While the client was silently reflecting on himself, the claims written were being accepted as if they were true.”

As a result, the legal representatives have filed a criminal complaint for defamation and will continue to correct the fake information and reveal the truth. They ended their statement promising strict legal action in the future against anyone who defames actor Ji Soo or insult him with ‘unspeakable words.’

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