Actor Ji Soo Accused Of Severe School Bullying By Multiple Alleged Victims, Agency Makes Statement


Actor Ji Soo is getting accused of severe school bullying.

The first post regarding these rumors was published on March 2. The netizen [A] identified themselves as a student who attended Seorabeol Middle School with Ji Soo between 2006-2008, they called Ji Soo a bully and a gangster.

A accused Ji Soo of being part of a bullying group that would target students, they’d get students money to buy them cigarettes, A also claims that Ji Soo slapped him, he added,

“Bullying, violence, intimidation, insults, and abusive language all happened.”

A also accused Ji Soo and his alleged bully group of bullying other classmates who wouldn’t report to police or raise an issue. A ends his statement by saying he doesn’t want an apology since its something he must live with for the rest of his life.

The issue became bigger when other netizens either replied to the community post or shared their own posts alleging that the actor also bullied them.

On March 3, KeyEast issued a neutral statement, they didn’t deny the bullying rumors but stated they were collecting information to verify the facts since it has happened a long time ago, here is their statement,

“Hello, this is KeyEast.

We would like to share our position regarding the posts and related content being posted to various online communities about Actor Ji Soo

We’d like to make the best effort to verify the facts as we recognize the severity of the matter.

First, we ask for your understanding since our statement has been released a long time after the issue was first pointed out, as it takes time to understand the facts and relationship between all the people involved [Ji Soo and the accusers].

Firstly, we’ll begin receiving emails about the issues [writing their email] and collect information about it without any distortion. Also, if the publisher of the posts and the people who raised the issue would allow it, we’d like to hear their opinions on the issues personally.

Along with the investigation into the truth, Ji Soo and the agency will do our best to resolve the issue. We are sorry to have caused many people to worry.

However, we’d like to ask that people refrain from sharing posts that continuously share unconfirmed information within the contents, as they’re being spread indiscriminately.

Thank you.”

Actor Ji Soo is currently leading the hit KBS drama “River Where the Moon Rises,” the drama has been enjoying good ratings and reviews. It is unknown what will the fate of the drama will be as it’s a developing issue.

Stay tuned for updates.


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