How Did “Arthdal Chronicles” Season Two Finale Do In Viewership Ratings?

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tvN “Arthdal Chronicles” part two/season two is finally over and the ratings numbers are in!

Episode 11 and 12 aired on July 6 and 7 respectively. July 7 episode rated 6.3% according to Nielsen Korea while July 7 episode rated 6.8% according to Nielsen Korea.

While the rating numbers for season two finale are higher than last week they’re still not the highest numbers the drama achieved. The highest number went to episode 4 which rated 7.7%.

The topic of “Arthdal Chronicles” ratings has been a widely discussed topic among netizens. The drama premiered to high expectations but failed to surpass the 10% as many had anticipated.

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Part 3/season 3 of the drama will air sometime in the second half of 2019. tvN has not released the specific date of Season three premiere yet, there are reports about it airing in September but the exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Have you watched “Arthdal Chronicles” episode 11 and 12? What did you think of it?

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  1. The drama is superb. I cant wait to see episodes 13 and up… Why the long wait? I am very excited and eager what will become of tanya, saya and eunsom… I cant imagine why the rating was not as they expected. Maybe because you have to spend before you can watch it. Just like me, i made my subscription to netflix just to see it. From Philippines

    1. one of the best drama so far, a lot of twist and turn of events. You can never predicts what will happen next. Every episode is a surprise. Given best actors and actresses on this drama…worth watching.

  2. I waa fascinated with thw laat two episodes that I havw repeatedly watched it over and over again. It somehow awaken mystwrious curiosity and the feelinhs of triumph. The finding of the star bell was epic involving evem a bird and the sling shot that nobody could have predicted. Very nice touch. Even my 13 year ols grandson was hooked by this drama. He couldnt wait for the next season. Wish you all the success. Song Jong Ki is no doubt a very good actor.

  3. This is my first ever comment on a drama. It’s one of the best dramas i have watched. The plot, acting and scenaries are all best. Im sad that such good drama has not received better rankings. However it’s a Must Watch and you will never regret it. All the best to entire athardal chronicles team. A wonderful work..

    1. The last two episodes were their best ones yet. I have been watching them over and over again. I can’t understand why the ratings are not high. I hope they prolonged the drama though. Its just sooo good – not your typical Korean drama.

        1. I think Koreans are not yet used to it’s story line. But this drama is SUPERB! If i can only promote it to the world so it could gain higher ratings iI would do it.

  4. I am really living the drama…hope Eunsom will be able to come out and meet Tanya and Saya as well….Desperately looking up for the upcoming episodes#Love from India Meghalaya

  5. people around me loving this drama, maybe the koreans were not really into this kind of drama that is why the rating were not as everyone expected but I really love this drama. So much suspense and their acting skills were great. I hope more drama with this kind of genre will come out soon. This is just my personal opinion. ☺️

  6. Honestly, I don’t get it why this drama has not exceed the expectations of some people or the ratings. Come on. This drama is SUPERB. This drama is breathtaking. Every episodes are breathtakingly excellent. The actors, the lines they say are so great and touching. I can’t wait to watch the next episode. I am really stoked to watch Episode 13. I am sad why they are having this rumor of airing season 3 on September. . Only those dense people will not like or appreciate this show.

  7. Great actors, cinematography, storyline..everything is SUPERB!!! I can’t wait for part 3. BEST kdramaa I’ve watch so far! (and I’ve been watching kdramas for almost 10 years)

  8. I like romantic, comedy and heavy drama but sometimes i predict what happened like the kissing scene. Hehe

    For me this Arthdal Chronicles is INTERESTING. It is a new story for me and i LIKE it!!! I’m so excited for the next season.

    I think some people boycott this drama because of the divorce news tsktsktsk

  9. i like this kind of fantasy drama. it looks like realistic the props, scene, etc. i love the idea of this stories. its very unique! you don’t know what happen in the next episode and it give me excitement more and more!

    1. As a USA citizen that does not speak Korean, this is an excellent Korean Series and i watched the end of season 2 multiple times especially the final revelation about Mother. The acting is excellent and the story plot is very intriguing !. Korea has produced some of the best action/drama serie – yes they are ‘thinking’ based rather than packed with CGI typical of Hollywood, but they are meaningful and of the same caliber as British Drama (which is the best).

  10. We’re waiting for episode 13.
    One of the best Korean drama! They’re all good in their role, Tagon, Tanya, Thalea , Mubaek & Saya / Aramun Haesulla.

  11. Please this drama shouldn’t be cut short, we need the complete season, i am not sure if i will be able to stop looking at NetFlix to bring the next episode. Please….

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