High Expectations Of Lee Min Ho’s “The King: Eternal Monarch” Turns Into Worry Due To Rising Criticism, What’s Next?

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K-netizens haven’t been reacting that well to “The King: Eternal Monarch” on media websites.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” aired its first episode last week to great success, the drama premiered with double digits ratings making SBS history, however, the premiere of the drama turned out to be the best rating it got so far because since then the ratings have went down and never recovered to the double digits thus far.

Various Korean news outlets are writing pieces about “The King: Eternal Monarch” and the mixed reception it received. The drama ran into controversies early on and its competing with the hit JTBC drama “The World Of The Married.”

However, the thing that is affecting “The World Of The Married” the most has to be the weight of ‘expectations.’ The production cost for each episode ranges from 2-2.5 billion won ($1.15-  $1.44 million). The total cost of production is estimated to be over 32 billion won for its 16 episodes (over $18 million).

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Despite all the best efforts, “The King: Eternal Monarch” is getting criticism because of the writer’s world view that doesn’t fit into the world today, many are pointing out how the writer continues to portray ‘Cinderella’ type setting with the prince charming that saves the day.  

On the comment section of a popular article that covered “The King: Eternal Monarch,” netizens are voicing their opinions, many think the plot ‘is too boring,’ ‘cringy,’ many are also not feeling Lee Min Ho’s acting in this drama, some are pointing out his pronunciation is also off.  

“The King: Eternal Monarch” is still expected to garner more than 30% in margins according to sources in the securities industry, this will include broadcasting rights to SBS and Netflix.

What are your thoughts on “The King: Eternal Monarch” so far?

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My Personal Thoughts

I’ve reviewed the four episodes released so far, read them from here. If you follow my blog then you already know how I feel about the series so far.

We can say it’s due to the controversies and the competition but above all, to me personally, it has to do with the script quality which is the most lacking in this series so far. Lee Min Ho isn’t terrible, he’s slightly cringy in his line deliveries but he’s not bad.

I am not going to lie, it’s true that viewers are used to fast-paced dramas these days, many are moving in that direction most notably “The World Of The Married” that includes no dull moments, there are hardly filler scenes which seem to be the majority of “The King: Eternal Monarch” so far.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” didn’t market itself as a ‘healing drama’ which means the slow-paced plot make no sense and feels like I am just wasting my time. It’s picking up and episode 4 was the best so far but I am not impressed.

I can’t believe she still uses the same methods she has used since the 2010s. If it was any other writer, I hardly doubt they would’ve made thus far with such scripts. They’re entertaining but equally cringy if you pay attention to the script as much as I do these things jump out first.

As one netizen said, these days viewers don’t tune in for the actors only, the story has to be interesting. If you follow trends in ratings of kdramas in South Korea you can see that it’s shifting towards those that feature challenging themes not the standard one we’re so used to.

I don’t think “The King: Eternal Monarch” will be a failure, it’s still going to be watched but it won’t exceed expectations. Lee Min ho has a huge fanbase overseas which means the rights to air his drama will be sold off soon. Even if the script isn’t the best or even that good, the fans will surely support him.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. It really sucks that this drama is getting so much hate, and that’s probably going to doom it more than its actual quality. I mean, anyone can have their opinion, but I wouldn’t say there’s anything about this drama that is offensive therefore it needs to be put down like a dog. It’s perfectly harmless fun just like any show is.
    Expectations were high and I’m sure everyone involved is putting a lot of pressure on themselves, so I worry about the effect that might have. A lot could be riding on this as far as everyone’s reputations and careers, so it shouldn’t be taken too lightly. If everyone is genuinely doing their best, then that should be appreciated while the naysayers can constructively give their opinion and then move on. Also, if they have already filmed everything, then there’s not much they can do to “fix” things to the public’s liking.
    I myself love the actors, love the idea, and appreciate the effort being put in. I choose to enjoy the ride, and remember that it’s a fantasy world not meant to teach me how to live (though I disagree that the main female lead has to be saved. She holds her own and is pretty badass).

  2. I tuned in for the story even though Lee Min Ho is one of my favorite actors. The story to me is coming in at the right pace.

    He has been looking for her all his life because she saved him. So he protrays the love right from looking for this girl for so long.

    She is skeptical about who he claims to be. But was starting to believe just maybe when he went back to his world. The final draw for her was when she had her ID issued on the date he mentioned. Curiosity caused her to follow him but time is still need for her feelings to grow.

    I know I see things diffrently than most but Lee Min Ho in my viewpoint is doing a wonderful job. I honestly can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

    Course I can’t compare to the other drama because that story did not even peak my intrest to try watching.

  3. Why font you wait til the end to Judge the whole script. These young beautiful actors worked hard on this film. I am not Korean but I feel maybe the Koreans have lost sight of just purse story telling by the actors. Sit back and enjoy. There are Lots of series that start off slow and pick up speed. Enjoy and if you could do better get off the couch and try. Be safe.

  4. I think it IS a bit slow for an established and well reknowned writer and producers. I guess viewers are expecting a fairy tale like Goblin, which they can guess the plot or next episode. Lee Min Ho character is tht like a KING. He is a young, handsome King and would not get down to a minor like the other world except for his love to Lt Jeong. He played tht so damn well. It is still early to judge, I guessed as much it will get much criticisms frm Koreans, you cant really tell the story line frm the 1st 4 episodes, you know so give them a break.

  5. The King’s uncle will die in the end. It’s already known. But the story between the 2-15th episode is definitely not a cliche. How the actress went back in time (her ID Found years before) is surely a mystery.
    And i think that surely is interesting.

  6. I think min ho is doing a great job in “THE KING OF ETERNAL MONARCHY” and I think people didn’t understand about its story and plot l guess we should give some time to understand it’s 4 episodes which are released and going to relese .and i am sure he is the best

  7. Really sad that an accomplished performer like Lee Min Ho who contributes to the popularity of Kdrama among the non- Koreans got such a damp squib as a come- back piece. He managed to lift Heirs out the mundaneness of its plot, showed brilliant comic timing in Legend… , started a trend with Boys… and made City Hunter a must watch & re-watch… the King definitely is not working till now… and the female lead looks as if she prefers being elsewhere!
    I feel sorry for Min Ho….bad choice

  8. It’s all good. Slow paced, yes but the complication of the story requires it to be that way. The ONLY thing lacking is a good soundtrack. I’m hearing a little ‘goblin’ music in there.

  9. Episode 4 so far has been the best. It has captured my attention and I am really looking forward to Episode 5. It seems that they took too long establishing the parallel characters, which is a shame because the talent is unbelievable! I will continue to watch to support Min ho, because, well, he’s fantastic! I think that because he is choosing more mature content the fans are torn. Actors grow and change and I’m here for it.

  10. I love this serial THE KING:ETERNAL MONARCH. Lee min ho amazing and I love this plot of the stories. Whatever people gonna say. I wouldn’t mind bcoz I love Lee min ho and his acting and his all serials.

    1. Moreover, I couldn’t wait bcoz I much more excited for episode 5 and further episodes. I prayed Thursday and Friday comes fast and watching next episode with english subtitles bcoz I m not Korean bt I m big fan of lee min ho acting and all serials and movies.

  11. I don’t know why they have to only focus on the words of some south Korean people when they can look outside of that country and see that many people love this drama. I am from Nigeria and I tell you people really love this drama to the extent of being excited about waiting for the next episode. The drama is good as it’s coming up with new episodes. Not all movies are perfect but what makes them perfect is how it sticks to the main message that it wants to send to it’s viewers.
    So far it’s a great drama and we are expecting more episodes. The netizens should say whatsoever they want to talk but to me, it’s still the best …..

  12. Am from Ghana and l really love Lee min ho’s acting…….he portrayed great acting skills in ” the king : external monarch” the lead actress did so well too……min ho’s come back drama is the best to me …….fighting !!!

  13. So far i am enjoying the drama itself…
    I find it entertaining at this point of being lockdown at home and to be honest it reduces my stress while watching it… making me laugh and giggle of the stars dialogues… LMH portrays his role effectively and the others as well… It is still Ep.4 and hope it more interesting episodes will come.., Fighting

  14. I think that the King: the eternal monarch its a very good drama, yes it may not have the issues that the world of the married have, but it is what it is, a fantasy. Personally the World of the married is a very poor portray of women and marriage, back stubbing, betrayal cheating, abbuse it is not what marriage is all about. I watch something to entertain me, not to make me cringe. The actor in the The King: the eternal monarch are doing a very good job.

  15. I don’t know what’s wrong with south Korea’s people…they did the same with arthdal Chronicles. Now doing the same with the king eternal monarch

  16. Not just the script but even the background music is lacking. There were nice and funny scenes that could have been better with music.The drama has not left a signature yet. I’m also confused of the writer’s intent and some editing were anticlimactic. Im still hoping for better episodes tho

  17. Because it was streamed together with the world of married couple and people are craving for a more realistic approach. People have develop high expectations since eveyone has the chance to stream other kdramas online and cant help but compare.

  18. It’s an irony since if people like more Cinderella like story like BOF and Heirs, the similar type of characters which wasn’t that great either in terms of its plot, then what’s the problem with this one? Infact, Goblin has similar type of characters and that poor Cinderella backstory….though it was good, it’s slow and quite boring to me.

    I do believe, some of the scenes aren’t efficiently executed and I believe they should give more screentime to the villain and other characters that hold major keys of the plot like Sin Jae and Yeong.
    The female lead isn’t at all Cinderella type. She is just a normal person who cannot understand what in the world, a person claiming to be a king came from and turned her life upside down. She isn’t being tortured by her family or something nor she’s having a hard life. She is a police officer.

    And the story do makes sense and honestly, for the 2nd time (its my 5th drama of him), I can actually understand Lee Min Ho’s character despite not liking kingdom in modern times type stories. He acts like a king efficiently and has the aura. He saw with his own eyes, the death of his father, murderer and the mysterious person who saved him and became a king at 8, so it’s easy to understand his thought process.
    I would just watch more coz they are now pushing ahead with the main story in episode 7 and had enough with romance and war. And that’s how I see it. It’s not extraordinary good but it’s not bad either. It’s above average to me.
    It’s not necessary what koreans don’t like is not worth it. Sometimes what they like is also pure cringe for people from other countries. ‍♀️

  19. I’ll stand by The King Eternal Monarch no matter what . I enjoy the story & I like both of the leading characters. And both are right choice for their role. Both good faces & great in acting. Again, I’ll say this, if they tend to be fulling you down, meaning to say you’re too high above them.

  20. Yes I will surely suport because i am a Fangirl of Lee Min Ho. Beside I like the story takes me back to Harry Potter days ! It all depends on how you enjoy entertainment… of course its a fiction and let it be❤ Loving it from this end of the world

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